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Pleasurekraft Interview!

Pleasurekraft have been one of the most explosive powers in 2010 producing of the best songs of 2010 Tarantula, we needed to know what these two were getting up in 2011 🙂

Hey guys, for all the people who don’t know, tell us about how you guys got into Producing and Dj’ing and where the name Pleasurekraft came from? Well Kalle was a producer first – DJ second, and I was a DJ first before getting into production – and we met over myspace after we both had seperate releases on AnjunaDeep a few years ago.  The name pleasurekraft actually comes from the American TV Show “Dexter” – in one episode where he takes his girlfriend and kids out on his boat – he refers to his boat as a “pleasure craft” – and when I heard that I just thought it sounded amazing and since both of our names begin with “k” we decided to put the 2 words together and use a “k”.

You guys had amazing success with tarantula, did you expect the song to be such a success and when did you realize that it was a hit? We knew it was a special track – but we certainly did not ever think it would be Beatport’s #1 selling track of 2010 – we were hoping for a tech house top 10 at best – so you can imagine waking up every morning and seeing it climb and climb and climb – it was like we were dreaming.

Whats on the production cards for 2011 so far? Well our next track up is a single for Great Stuff which will be out on their “Munich Disco Series” on Jan 31st.  Its a track caled “Anubis”.  The track was actually slated to be a remix for Deadmau5′ side project BSOD’s classic tune “This is the Hook” – however due to complications that had nothing to do with us but we aren’t at liberty to discuss we decided it was best to pull the few parts we used from the BSOD track and just release it as an original – we are fortunate to have such an amazing label like Great Stuff behind us! After that we have remixes forthcoming in late March for Saeed Younan, a remix of the classic PQM (Australian guy!) track “You are Sleeping” which we are currently working on, and another finished project which will be out April 4th on Great Stuff called “Carny”.  We also just finished another single thats a bit more “dancy” if you will called “Sexus” but we haven’t even sent that out yet to anyone so we’ll see what label that lands on!

What would have been your biggest moment in 2010? Being the #1 selling track on Beatport for the year! And in December they released their top 10 selling tracks of ALL TIME and “Tarantula” had crawled its way onto that list too!

What gear do you guys use to create these amazing tracks? We actually aren’t gear sluts believe it or not – we both use Logic for producing – and send files back and forth – unless we are both in Stockholm where we share a small studio with some mates.

Your remix of la la land is like one giant acid trip, was that intended to make the kids go crazy or was it made under the influence? Haha – funny! None of our tracks were made “under the influence” I must say – but we like tracks that have a narrative musically – even when there aren’t vocals saying something – we like to think all our music has a narrative progression to it. In “La La Land” of course we had the vocals so we knew we were going to do something where it was like the carnival meets old 50’s UFO films – if you have ever seen the cult classic “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” you get the idea 🙂

7. You guys have an amazing use of vocals in your tracks, since the first track, where they intended to be so amazing, or was it a whole lot of mucking around? It was always our intention to do something no one else was quite doing – which is incredibly hard with how many tracks and producers are out there these days.  Luckily the way we use vocals to create a hook has struck a chord with people out there and we are so grateful for it!

You guys run your own record label as well as dj and produce, but i’m sure you know that already.. does the work ever get overwhelming? how many shows do you guys play a year? It gets very overwhelming since we have now started touring full time.  Before it was manageable when you are only playing 2 shows a month – but now when we are playing out every weekend – and have a list of productions we have to work on – the label becomes hard to juggle – as a result we have changed our philosophy with Kraftek – as we will only be releasing our own material when the time is right on Kraftek – as it wouldnt be fair to sign other artists and not give them and their tracks the attention they deserve since we are too busy with other things.

Other than yourselves, which guys should we look out for this year? Well some of our favorite producers of 2010 which we feel will carry on into 2011: Wehbba, Kink, Stimming, Format B, Barou

Finally, any words for your fans down under? Yes – we are supposed to be coming to tour there soon (maybe April?) – can’t wait to meet all our fans down there! Thank you all for your support!

Thanks guys!

Thank You!

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