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Bombs Away Interview!

They are coming to smash up Electric Playground in February so we had to catch up for a chat to brief you on these guys and what there doing in 2011! Welcome Bombs Away!

First of all, your name just exploded thanks to your tune Big Booty Bitches which has been played all over the globe and has had amazing success, i want to go back a bit, how did you guys meet and form Bombs Away? Haha, you’ll have to excuse any random answers, we’re actually doing this from the airport right now. We met quite a while ago, pretty much when Sketch came home and our mum was like, you have a new brother! We both toured and played seperately until early 2010 when we decided to see how we go together, we stole the name from the side of a towtruck and went from there, seems like it was a good choice!

You guys are coming to rock Electric Playground very soon! What can we expect from your show? As long as brisbane isn’t under water we’re fkn stoked to come rock out! We’ll be testing our new mic & effects rack as well so we’ll be 100% live 🙂 expect lots of dumb shit and jager, and for us to get kicked out again most likely haha.

Did you guys expect Big Booty Bitches to be such a success? and please tell me the story of the tune and how you guys found the inspiration for the vocals? haha no way, it was just us mucking around with the vocals from our mates in the US, ALostPeople, we did the base in a couple of hours and used it in our sets as a filler track until we realised everyone was singing the words back to us, we figured we’d put some effort into it! the massive remix pack really helped put the tune on the map!
Whats on the production cards for Bombs away in 2011? Good Question! We’ve always leaned towards the Live elements in our shows, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard etc so we’re actually writing a new tune at the moment which utilises them quite a bit more than our previous studio work, its pretty exciting times for us, we’re currently also remixing some tracks for Mobin Master, Akon, P-Money and some of our idols so we’re working 23 hour days at the moment, sleep deprivation helps our creativity haha.

What has been your highlight so far in your musical career and what has been your favorite track to work on? Definately one of the shows we just played in north queensland, shit get hectic FAST, i think at one stage we were hanging from scaffolding with water guns performing Supersoaker haha, definately memorable! Favorite track so far would be Swagger i think, its got such a bouncey vibe to it that it came together really well from the start, its actually due out this week i beleive so we’re pretty stoked!

Other than yourselves, is there anyone you feel we should keep our eye on in 2011? Qld boys Rave Radio are kicking ass at the moment, there’s pretty much never a set of ours where we dont drop a few of their tracks, they definately have their finger on the pulse at the moment!

What is your set up on stage, and what do you guys use in the studio? We’re pretty flexible on stage because we’re touring so much at the moment we try make it easy for the boys doing the realwork and setting up, basically we run 4XCDJS, 2 mics and the Guitar through a compressor and effects rack into the 800 so we can set the levels ourselves and really get crazy using the DJM800. We’ll change it up sometimes and add percussion or keyboard depending on the set list, but pretty much just get drunk and hope for the best haha in the studio we use a combination of Ableton and FL mostly. Unless we’re working with other artists then we’ll just jump accross to whatever DAW suits the project.

Finally, any words for all your fans out there? let me see your swagger!
If your in Brisbane and would love some guest list action email you and your mates names to
Jump on Bombs aways facebook for more details, link above.

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