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All Mighty Crookers!

These guys would be one of my all time favorite duo’s, well lets just say they are my favorite! Crookers have talent. Even though they might have lost some fans with the latest sound change, it has done nothing to damage others love for their very unique sounds and quirky beats. We got a chance to ask them a few questions about that and whats coming up. CROOKKERRRSSS! micromix #6 by

First of all, we will take you guys back a few years, how did you guys get together and create “Crookers” and where did the name come from? – Crookers, you could say are two rather “normal” guys, Phra and Bot, your everyday urban, no frills, what you see is what you get, pleasant kinda guys. The name, Crookers, is a mixture of attitude, natural creativity and the desire to break the barriers – this has been our name since mid 2000 when we decided to make music together.

If it wasn’t for the creation of Myspace and Blogs, Do you think you would be where you are today? Also, What do you think of the invention of Soundcloud and its way to easily share music? – I don’t think we would, or at least not in such a short time. They’ve been our main channels to make our music available to people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to bump into our tracks. Soundcloud is really good for the amount of music it has and the access to it is even easier than myspace (who no one uses anymore apparently..).

Not to ask a generic question but you guys have changed your sound from awesome to a different kind of awesome, what was the major influence behind the change of style? Will we ever hear the sound that made you guys explode in 2007/08? – haha that different kind of awesoome doesn’t sound soooo good…anyway music is always evolving and we’re too with it, to be doing the same sound over and over is just wrong, it might be good for your fans but even they will eventually get bored and then you’d find yourself doing music you don’t feel and that no one likes anymore!

Your Mission Control CD for ONELOVE in Australia was a great success and the track selection was amazing. Especially, Milt Mortez’s “Pluto” Which has just been Re-Released because of the support its been getting from Crookers & Others, Do you like to play lesser known tracks and helping artists get known? – For sure we love to promote artists that do songs that we like and it feels good to share that with other people. We definitely don’t have the syndrome that something is not cool anymore when everyone knows it, if something is good everybody should enjoy it.

Back in the day you guys did a lot of work with the other Italian duo powerhouse The Bloody Beetroots. What do you think of their new sound now and the direction they are heading and do you guys chat? – We were trying to create an Italian scene that could be recognized as such and also we have a personal relationship. In a way we succeded and other artists added up, but now it doesn’t seem like our roads cross a lot (artistically) anymore and that’s a lil bit of disappointment for us

To the studio now, What are you guys working on at the moment? any collaborations and remixes in the works? – We’re having some time in the studio now and lot of work is being done. Plans have still to be made but as to what’s almost ready to be released there’s a collaboration e.p. with Savage Skulls on his way and a Crookers e.p. to be released soon next year (both straight clubtracks).

Last time you were down under was for Winter Sound System in Brisbane & Melbourne. When can we expect you guys back down under? How was your last tour? – I’m not aware of plans to come soon but i hope we will…last tour was good where we played but unfortunately it had to be shortened because of some financial problems that i don’t really know much about and so some gigs were cancelled.

You guys have been smashed around the world like a ping pong ball, what is one of your most memorable moments whilst behind the decks? – I can never remember those.

On a lighter note, Bot, A little bird has told us you are the champion of cooking pasta? Do you favorite pasta dish? – Im world famous for that :)!!! My favourite pasta dish is a simple spaghetti al pomodoro, it’s simple and that’s why it’s really hard to make it delicious. The secret is to have perfect timing and the right ingredients. I have my grandmother’s tomato sauce to start with, made from tomatoes that she grows in southern italy, try to beat that!

Finally, Any words for your fans down under? – BOBOBOBOBOBOBOH!!!

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