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Introducing Shir Khan!

First off, Tell how you got into Electro and how you created one of the most consistent labels out there right now “Exploited” – I have been into so many different music styles at once but Hip Hop was my first love. It just didnt feel right for me as a DJ at some point. I will always be an eclectic DJ that cant really stay true to one genre. Though my sets are quite warm and housey at the moment I dont know how I will sound in 6 months. I see this as my personal freedom to just go with the time and not try to repeat myself. So you can still say when you book Shir Khan you dont know really whats happening. Maybe a good thing – sometimes bad:) That has always been the same approach to my label. There is not that one labelsound. It only reflects what I like as a DJ at the moment. This can go from House, to Disco, Tropical and maybe I will start releasing some bangers in the future again. Who knows:)

Now, if our readers and your fans haven’t figured it our yet, your a Jungle Book Fan, whats your favourite scene? – There is plenty of scenes I like: The Monkey Dance, The Balu Dance and how Mowgli burns Shir Khan’s tail:) Ouch.

With the genre of Electro being so competitive, you really have to create your own sound or you don’t stand out. You definitely have found yours and we love it. How did you find that Shir Khan sound and how long were you looking for it? – I guess what might make me an interesting DJ is that I definetly try not to copy anyones style. I do have idols for sure – but most of the time I am more influenced by peope who are not DJs and just play me music in their car when they pick me up from the airport or when I might be for an afterhour on a private party where I listen to music thats somehow out of the box. For me playing as a DJ also means to reflect what you have been listening to in situations that you connect personal stories with. Lets call it the soundtrack of my life…sounds a bit stupid I know:) I dont think I have found my sound – I am always searching.

Now, we have a overcrowded planet, which i don’t really care about. What i do care about planet being overcrowded by Dj’s, We aren’t saying that they are not all talented but how would you suggest we could lower the percentage of mates calling themselves DJ’s? – I dont care who calls themselves DJs or not. Everyone should have the chance to be a DJ. However – to me its more about the selection, than the perfection of the mix. I am seriously bored with Ableton Live and Traktor Mixes….they all sound too perfect. I am missing the warmth and the little mistakes….Thats why I have said to myself I am not going to post anymore edited mixes of mine…I only will do livemixes….they just sound more real.

Getting Album of the month in the two biggest dance magazines, DJ Mag & Mix Mag for your album “Exploited”, how did that make you feel? – It encouraged me to move on and believe in what I do and that I might be quite good in it. I am sure there is another Mix-CD/Compilation coming of mine next year:)

To the studio, what are your future projects now? anything in the works… – Theres a few rumours….but I cant tell:)

When can we expect Shir Khan in Australia? – I have been 2 times to Australia to tour there. I really loved it. I hope I am gonna come back in the next year. Would be heaps of fun:)

We ask this a fair bit, Every Artist has a funny moment / memory whilst on tour, care to share one with us? – I really like the party after the party. Thats when you see a totally different face of Shir Khan. Shir Khan dancing with an umbrella. Shir Khan stealing the Whiskey. Shir Khan trying to speak languages he has no clue about. Shir Khan basically causing trouble. 2 days ago a promoter just told me that last time I played his club, I passed out behind the DJ-booth and was carried home by him. I just couldnt remember. Sometimes its better I guess:) – Of course theres billions of other stories – especially when it comes to the crowd….but its just too many funny moments to mention one.

You’ve put together a little mix for us, what can we expect? Our ears are excited! – Just have a listen 🙂

Finally, any words for your fans down under? – I have the inner feeling I have a strong connection to Australia. I miss you people from Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and the few places I havent been yet but I am sure I am gonna come back next year.

1. Bibi Tanga & The Selenities – Be Africa (Populette Remix) / Throne of Blood
2. Black Van – Moments of Excellence / Permanent Vacation
3. Juan Sanchez – The Awareness Of Her Appearance / Kling Klong
4. Teed – Critisize / Grecoroman
5. Donna McGhee – Make it last forever (Mr. Ho Edit) / Klasse
6. Mano Le Tough – Eurodancer (Tensnake Remix) / Mirau
7. Zappe – Larrys Exotic Blend / Bouq
8. Homework – Lenny / Exploited
9. Havana Cultura Band – Rezando (Michel Cleis Remix) / Brownswood Recordings
10. Caribou – Swim (Midland Re-Edit) / White
11. La Fleur – Flowerhead / Power Plant Records
12. Ramon Tapia – You Got To (Keep Movin) / Snatch!
13. Joyce Muniz – Party over here, Party over there (Shir Khan Remix) / Exploited
14. Playmode – Remember When / Exploited
15. Coloursound – Fly With Me (Homework Rotary Mix) / White

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