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Aeroplane Interview!

Aeroplane, one of the most unique talents of the dance world. They prove you don’t have to be producing bangers or even the typical 130 bpm tracks to be successful, and he is coming to Summafieldayze to drop some of his amazing beats. If they play tunes of their new album and their old remixes, It will be the best set to chill out with a drink and enjoy the tunes before being smashed by Justice and Armin Van Buuren. Aeroplane is our pick of one of the artists to see on January 2nd.

1. Firstly, most people know who you are, tell us something that we may not have read on Wikipedia? I didn’t even know Aeroplane had a Wikipedia. Who am I ? I’m not much. My music probably is more intrusting that I am.

2. Your new album came out not to long ago, what has been the overall response so far and for those who haven’t heard it yet, what can they expect? Well it’s been kind of divided. People who knew Aeroplane since Caramellas and the first 12inch understand it. People who knew Aeroplane with the remix of « Paris « are wondering where is the big bass drum. It’s not a dance record. Even if you can dance on it. It’s deeply rooted in my influences. Pop, psychedelic, early electronics italo-disco,…

3. We don’t hear your productions in clubs as much as we would like down here, mainly because its slower. What was the main influence about not going over that 120 bpm mark? No idea. I just prefer slow music. between 90 and 115bpm. 120bpm being the maximum for me, is often the minimum for other dj’s. Tracks like « Miss You « from The Stones or « The Wall « from the Pink Floyd these are bpm’s I like. People are often confused when I start after a house dj and I bring everything down to 95bpm. But after 4 records nobody notice it anymore.

4. A lot of people know Aeroplane from your amazing remixes, you did something like 17 remixes in one year. Are you hoping that after your album is released people will more remember you by your originals or will Aeroplane still smash out the remixes in the future? I like remixing people. It’s fun, it’s a challenge. I just don’t really have the time with the album. But will come the day when I’ll have the time again. But of course, I would prefer people quoting « London Bridge « or « Caramellas « than my remix for The Shortware Set, even if I like it.

5. You are coming down to Australia for Summafieldayze! Can we expect to hear some new originals? Any surprises? It could be. It should be. Time is my only limit. I’ll try to make it as exceptional as possible.

6. What else will you be getting up whilst your down under? I’m coming quite early , I’m gonna have a nice holiday. Good food, Bondi Beach, things like that mate.

7. Has there been any Australian Artists you would really like to work with or you a big fan of? I’m loving Gypsy & The Cat, I actually remixed them. Also my friends from The Swiss.

8. Finally, any words for your fans down under until we see you in January? I hope they will be as open minded as last time, and that they will let me take them on a musical journey, but if they wanna hear hits, maybe I can just play the radio ?


Links: Facebook / Myspace / Soundcloud

‘We Can’t Fly’ out now on Eskimo Records at all good stores and digitally through Itunes.


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