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The Bulgarian! Chat & Mix!

The Bulgarian – Interview & Exclusive Mix

Now, your are obviously Bulgarian, although you grew up in Cape Town. We know you for your quirky beats, tell something that we may not know about you?I’m a documentary addict? 🙂 Lol, i can’t get enough, I think i’ve seen over a 1000 so far easily.

When you first got into producing, you had nothing besides a Pentium 166mmx with only 32MB of ram, no internet. What are you working with at the moment? and PC or Mac?A 2008 Macbook Pro, does the job, doesn’t crash (much). I’m happy i switched.

When will we see The Bulgarian down under to slam your Aussie fans with new beats?As soon as possible! There are no imminent plans at the moment but there are a few interested promoters, ideally i’d love to come next summer. Stay tuned!

Mid 2000’s you started up your own label FETA, how is that going and whats coming up on that?We’re just about to release our 9th release in a week or so, and then Feta 10 will be a best of kind of release from the first 9 EPs with some wicked new remixes after which we are planning on relaunching the label with a fresh direction and some new energy so keep an eye on it!

Your new mix which is featured on your new WEBSITE is insane! What can we expect from the mix you have done for us? – Well, for one you’ll notice i’ve all but stopped playing Fidget, i think that genre moved away from what i loved about it and that has always been the amazing grooves for me, i’m really not a fan of the crazy rave/noise smash-your-face-in-with-my-synth stuff. So in this mix you can expect everything from house to techno with one common theme, bass and groove baby!

Now, Production.. What are you working on at the moment and whats on the cards for next year? – Well, it follows from what i said in the last answer about the mix. Expect no more fidget from me, just groovy, bass heavy dance music. I’ve lately be reviving my love of techno and i’m currently writing a slew of new tunes which i’m going to unleash in 2011. Really looking forward to next year!

You’ve played pretty much all over this little world of ours. Do you have any most memorable sets or memories?Every place i play at has something unique to offer but the best ones are generally the ones where the promoters are solid and friendly, its interesting how nice people end up making nice parties! I do have to say one party hat sticks out a lot though is a gig i did in Paris at the Social Club. The guys doing the party were all into this stuff called Juke, which is like Booty Bass/Ghetto Tech on crack (ass, titties, ass ass, titties titties, ass and titties – with large kicks). The DJ that was opening was playing this stuff and all at like 140 – 150bpm. I’m sitting there listening to this with a CD-wallet full of House at 125 – 130 bpm thinking, how the hell am i gonna take over from this! Its like rocking up to a techno party with a bunch of HipHop! So I went on and did my thing and the crowd didn’t skip a beat! The venue was rammed, the people were screaming and jumping around and getting sweaty and it ended up being one of my best gigs ever, not to mention that at one point Gaspard from Justice and Ed Banger’s SoMe rocked up to the party like regular party peeps and they were just chilling on the dancefloor enjoying and this was in 2008 when Justice were in all the charts world wide, it was rather cool, hahaha. Rock on Paris!

Also, for a laugh, every artist has them, any funny moments whilst been on tour or behind the decks? – Errrm, I played in Dublin once, and after a heavy night i had to take a cab back to the airport quite early in the morning. I’m completely wrecked from the night before, no sleep, i just wanna get back to my place and sleep when i look over to the cab driver’s licence card. His name: Herbert Hancock! Made my day! I got driven to the airport by Herbie Hancock! Although this Herbie was a fair bit older and a lot whiter than THE Herbie, hahaha.

Finally, if you had the power to destroy a track and remove it from the face of the earth what would it be?Damn, that’s really tough. Lol. Maybe something by Justin Bieber. 🙂
Here’s the tracklist for the mix.
01) Thomas Schumacher – Taxi (Riva Star Remix)
02) HiJack vs Jeff Doubleu – Ghetto
03) HeavyFeet – For The Pain
04) Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On (Christian Martin Remix)
05) HiJack & Brabe – Boogie
06) Keith & Supabeatz – What Does It Take
07) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In Motion (Nuss Bootleg)
08) Harry Axt – Dreams
09) Alexander Maier & Marius Lehnert
10) Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (Mastiksoul Remix)
11) Boyz Noize – Nott (Shadow Dancer Remix)
12) Gesaffelstein – Variations
13) Art vs Science – Parles Vous (Disco of Doom Remix)
14) Gregor Thresher And Karotte – Eight Track Clubbing
15) Gridmode – Minigroove
16) Oliver Hunteman & Dubfire – Fuego

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