Summafieldayze Tix Comp!


We obviously don’t need to re write what is above in the pic but you get our point! Who on earth would want to miss out on this! If you do miss out on this, you were obviously to poor to get a ticket. This is were we come in! Thanks to the guys at The Arcade Creative, One lucky person could win a double pass to sfd! If you want to be the lucky sucker singing “We are your friends” with thousands of others this is how you enter! By the way, Obviously this is a Gold Coast event.


1. Make sure you follow these rules!

2. Add us as a friend on facebook! < link!

3. Whilst on our facebook, go into our comp photo album and tag yourself!

(Please don’t tag yourself in every picture, that’s just annoying. tag a friend.. they might take you but make sure they read the rules also.)

4. Wait patiently till the 20th of December, winners will be tagged in an update on facebook! So make sure you our friends!


Thats it! Easy as that! – Also, please show your support and subscribe for further competitions and other cool stuff.

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