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Introducing Huckleberry Thinn

Here is another edition of our Local Hero interviews. This time its Huckleberry Thinn! This mean machine has been getting big sets here and there and will definitely be one to look out for in the years to come. Check it!

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been a DJ?
Well i was raised up on hamilton island and went to boarding school in central queensland and had no idea what dance music really was until a chance encounter at a the big day out when i stumbled across carl cox and he just blew me away there was no looking back from then on. That was my first encounter with the whole thing and to this day i never miss a carl cox set he is the man!

How were you introduced to the world of Dj’ing and when did you get behind your first set of decks?
I eventually moved to brissy and would be out wednesday through to sunday every week and so the love affair with electronic music began… I eventually became mates with a guy with decks that had been playing for a while so he showed me the basics and off i began hahaha i would absolutely train wreck every mix i tried but i eventually got the feel for it and started to progress, but not having my own desks made it hard to get any better i would have to go to mates places to mix or try and borrow some which would put most people of but i persisted and kept trying to get as much practice in as i could here and there. So i eventually got my own about 6 months ago and now i have finally had the chance to be able to progress and hone my skills .

What experience do you have in the Brisbane Music Scene and whats coming up next for you?
I’m only just a newcomer to the brissy scene but i have been lucky enough to be on the same bill as Will bailey, Lazy rich, Loot and Plunder and i am opening for Bingo Players from holland on the 4th november at electric playground which should be an epic night those guys are boss!

Whats your big goal? Where would you like to be this time next year?
My big goal is just to be able to make a living off music. I study audio engineering so i wanna get involved with all aspects of the music industry from production to starting a label to dancing on the corner of brunswick street for loose change. Djing wise but i would love to be able to go overseas and make my way around the european music scene well thats the dream, isnt it everyones!!? This time next year i would love to be in the johto region trying to collect all my badges i am almost through the kanto region so i guess its the logical next step.

Producing, what are you working on at the moment and can you give us a bit of insight on what your using?
Production wise i havent really completed anything that im ready to release or play out, i really want to have a polished track for my first release so once i finally bang one out that im happy with you guys will be the first to know 🙂 Software wise i really love logic and pro tools and i just acquired micro korg so i cant wait to get it setup and try and replicate some old analogue synthe sounds.

Any favorite Tracks at the moment?
I would have to say anything from Monkey Safari or Round Table Knights at the moment is dope those guys have such a rad sound much props for the interview with RTK to!

Are there any artists that you look up to?
As mentioned earlier Carl Cox would have to be one and also Claude Vonstroke not only are his productions mind blowing but his dj sets are always on the money and he is also a switched on business man being invloved with and running my favourite labels!

Other than yourself, who would you say to look out for in the Brisbane scene?

I think the fitzgerald inquiry are a name to remember!

Finally, Favorite/Funniest Club memory that you have experienced so far?

I would have to say funniest memory for me would be when Doorly played Empire earlier this year and there was a bunch of sweaty, unfit and hairy lads with their shirts off rocking out non stop for half his set hahaha a tad weird but highly hilarious!

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