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Act Yo Age Interview!

Act yo age have exploded past the boundaries of Australia and spread there party tunes to overseas ears. We needed to find out more about this duo that has destroyed the dance floors of Brisbane many times! We found out what their going to be up to, how they started and a few other weird things. Enjoy!

Latest tracks by ACTYOAGE

Firstly, How did the two of you meet and how was ACT YO AGE created?

Well we first met through a mutual friend and my old flatmate. Pablo used to put on these crazy raves in Sydney and Canberra in the late 90’s and he booked me to play.
Our love of debauchery and fascination with dancing in warehouses saw us become friends. About three years ago we worked on a remix for Arrested Development together and it turned out well, so we started to write together. Hence A-YO was born!

You guys are Sydney boys, we don’t see you in Brisbane as much as we would like! When are coming to smash us next and how does our scene compare to the rest of Oz?
Well, its funny you say that – we are in Brisbane at least once a month, we where up there two weekends ago in fact. We have a long running residency with the Empire / Family crew – we just played our EP launch party there. We love Brisbane, such dope crew, many who have become friends to us! The scene seems healthy and we always have an ace time!

You guys have been around the globe, most memorable set?
Wow – its a tough one, so we will give your our top three:
Pulse Radio Float at Love Parade in 2007 (purely because of the scale and setting – it is v surreal)
Social Club in Paris in Sept 2009
Villa in Berlin in Sept 2009

Are there any tracks that manage to squeeze there way into every set, and Which track have you dropped and
gotten the biggest reaction?
Well we always push our own sounds as much as possible. We are getting big reactions to OYEE off our current EP, all of the tracks get a great response.It varies on the sounds we are playing too, sometimes we like to play deep – sometimes more party.

What are you guys working on in the studio at the moment? Remixes? Originals?
With our new Ep just out for SOUTHERN FRIED along with our CROOKERS remix and a bunch of other new stuff,  we are taking a one month break. We are working on a remix for CAMEL (Deadfish) and of course a whole bunch of new original materials. We have a habit of taking too many remixes, so for the moment it will be mainly originals.

If there was anyone to watch out for in 2011 who would it be, besides yourself?
Sure, there is SOOOOO much wicked talent at the moment! Music is super healthy and I think a lot of that has to do with the reduction of cost and greater access to basic production technologies. If I pick names, I will end up in trouble for forgetting somebody somewhere, so lets just say – to ALL the leaders – respect & love!

Finally, any words for your fans in Brisbane & the rest of Oz?
Hahahaha – look out we coming for you !

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