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Introducing The Deficient!

The deficient has been making ripples for a little while now with his crazy unique remixes and has caught our eye. We are going to be bringing you more and more unique producers who have blowing our minds. We hope you enjoy The Deficient, check out two tracks he wanted us to give to you for free.

Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns (prod. Noob) (The Deficient Remix)
Bingo Players – When I Dip (The Deficient Remix)
1. Thanks for taking some time to have a chat mate, Tell us a bit behind the alias “The Deficient” and something a little weird about you?

The alias “The Deficient” was born almost 2 years ago. At this time I was already producing since 1 years and released my first remixes released on Crux Records under another alias, but my last alias was already used by another producer and I decided to change it in aim to have my own one and to not share it with someone else. Since this 2 years, I already release few EPs and Originals and play in clubs and festivals.

I don’t know if it’s really something weird but it’s kinda funny. Two years ago, I was playing at a party and the promoters found me in the middle of the crowd kissing a girl while I was supposed to be playing. The promoter was kinda scared but I finished my set without any problem.

2. You struck absolute gold with your remix of Major Lazers “Pon De Floor”, tell us what it was like to get all that artist support names like Acid Jacks, Larry Tee, Sinden, Tommie Sunshine and heaps of others?

It was really insane: all this big names saying they love my works. I was really proud and think I had to keep working like that and my turn will come. The craziest feedbacks about this remix went from Tommie Sunshine. I went on ichat and somebody told me “hey, I’m Tommie Sunshine. Do you know who I am ? I really love your stuffs and specially you pon di floor’s remix”. It was completely nuts to see Tommie adding me and asking me if I know him because this guy is like a legend of house music.

3. How did you get into Dj’ing and Producing?

The first time I thought to be a DJ, I was at a friend’s place and I was almost 15. He had to cdj and I played with its the whole afternoon. I kept this idea in my head for the 4 straight years and, at the end of 2007, I decided to make it seriously. I hardly worked on it and six month later I got my first gig and the support of Busy P for a Sebastian’s remix. I went crazy when I saw the mail from Pedro. And since this period I keep producing and playing tracks I love.

4. I personally think you are definitely one to look out for in the rest of 2010 and 2011 but who do you think we should look out for on a the production side of things?

For me, Bart B More is definitely the king. I’m playing his stuffs since a very long time and nowadays he’s getting the attention he deserves since many years. As “young” producers, I think that Lazy Flow is definitely one to watch: this guy is able to rock every track as a remixer and all his track are exactly the kind of house every producers would love to produce! In the dutch house side, I have to mention Peace treaty. They produce tracks as good as Afrojack and they just signed some tracks on famous label such as Dim Mak. Last but not least: Keith & Supabeatz. These two Italian producers are definitely on fire and many big names already support them!

5. Are you every going to come and shake up the dancefloors over here in Australia?

I hope to play in Australia soon but nothing is planned for the moment, so if a promoter is interested, do not hesitate to book me, I would love to play there!

6. What is your favorite club memory so far?

As far back as I remember I never lived something that can be compared to my first festival gig. I was playing just before The Bloody Beetroots, Yuksek and Brodinski and moreover I was playing in my home town. I was supposed to be the warm up and usually nobody dance when the warm up DJ is playing at this festival, but I made the whole crowd dance (more than 12 000 people!) and it was completely nuts. I played many of my tracks and it was so insane to see all this crowd dancing on my tracks.

7. What can we hear coming out of the studio soon for The Deficient?

I have some forthcoming remixes and I’m working on a new EP wich will be clearly house-oriented and on some techno originals eventually for a second new EP or maybe some singles. I just released a techno remix of Pin A Pads on it-tizz, Shab Ruffcut’s own label and some stuffs will be released on Brooklyn Fire, Tommie Sunshine’s forthcoming label. Furthermore I’ll launch my own label, Artistic Riot Records (, in the forthcomings weeks so stay tuned, many big things to come in the forthcoming months! The first release will probably come from Blowmud, a French duo that you definitely should look after in the forthcoming months!

8. and Lucky Last, If the world was coming to an end and you had to pick one woman to repopulate the earth, who would it be? Haha

I won’t be too crazy on my choice and I’ll say that I’ll choose my girlfriend if I had to choose one to repopulate the earth! (But say to Megan Fox, she’s my second choice!^^)

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