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Gigi Barocco Suprise!

We have been looking forward to this moment for months! We not only got the chance to shoot some questions to Gigi Barocco but he shot us a 30 min mix just for us to give to you guys! If you haven’t heard of this man before, you’ve been living under a rock! His productions have been exploding dance floors around the world and recently did his Australian tour.
Here is the mix!
and here is the GIGI!
You toured Australia a couple of months back, how was the tour, any memorable moments?

The most memorable night was the last date of the tour, when i played at the Candy’s, that place is m-a-g-i-c, the atmosphere there is different, like a big family, cant explain! Anyway, the whole tour was amazing. For sure sometime was stressing but I met lot of nice people, and I’ve seen beautiful places, it was my first time in Australia.. but not the last..! 😉

We all love your beats, what are you working on at the moment and did you work on anything whilst down under?

During the Australian tour, in the days-off I spent some time in the studio with the “Music People” guys and we did a Notorious Big bootleg that we’ll probably put in free download soon, I’m also working on lot of stuff right now, some HOT remixes and two Eps but its all TOP SECRET!! Also the last single “Crunk It” is going to be released soon with hot remixes!

You have been in the scene for a little while, what were your thoughts when you realized massive names such as Armand Van Helden, Bloody Beetroots and Hervé where playing your tunes to thousands?

It was incredible when my “play with it” remix went in the Beatport’s top ten: I’ve got lot of feeds (and bookings as well!), Armand Van Helden drop me an email to say BIGGUUUUUP!, and Benny Benassi as well and after that a lot of good things happened, like the Redman’s remix (thanks to Congorock and Bob Rifo!) and the collaboration with Dim Mak. Can’t explain my thoughts in these days… it was OMG, is that happening to me??

We personally love your remix of Spencer & Hill’s Trespasser. Which of your tunes do you feel really get the crowds going?

That remix is one of the most popular, it was sooooo cool to see the people in Sydney goin’ crazy for that, they sang every single word and make loooooooot of noise!
Of course one of the most excitin’ track for the crowd is still Puah, and the Redman remix, and of course my remix of Steve Aoki’s “Im in the House”, it smash every dancefloor every time!

You’ve smashed together a 30 minute mix for us, what treasures can we expect, our ears are very excited!

Its just something i like to listen in these days, something old, something new, and a preview of my new single, still untitled and still unfinished but I’m so excited about this track so… its there!

You must have seen a lot over the years touring, do you have any funny memories that you would like to share with us?

Oh yes man, lot of funny shit happens with the people of the night…! I remember one time I was kicked out of the club, I was in the toilette with a girl.. the security guy didn’t recognize me and he literally lift me (I’m not so heavy!) and kicked me out of the club while I was screaming “I’m the fuckin’ dj!!”.
Another funny gig in London last year, a girl – drunk like a shit – come to me and start to “kiss” me and touching everything: me, the mixer, the cdjs, disconnecting cables, stopping the music….a disaster! So I tried to stop her, but she put off the panties… and I said “do you really want to make it NOW and HERE???” No, she pissed on a record bag. Not my bag luckily. Disgusting…!!

Finally, we already miss you in Australia! Any words for your fans?

I’ll be back soon guys, next tour will be in march… be ready!!

Links: Myspace / Facebook / Soundcloud

2 thoughts on “Gigi Barocco Suprise!

  1. really love Gigi man, love his style been followoing him since i can remeber. I have been told i sound like him. Not so much my older stuff but my new stuff. of course that means allot to me!

    Anyway, awesome review

    Thanks for the good times Gigi

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