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Riva Starr SFD11 Special!

Anybody that knows me personally would know that this man would have to be one of my favorite producers! His quality is second to none and his consistency, well lets just say he created the word. He doesn’t disappoint in a live set and has plenty still left in him. Whats even more exciting is, HE IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA! Riva Starr will be entertaining us at Summerfieldayze on the Gold Coast! We sent him a few questions to get you guys and ourselves pumped! We highly recommend attending Riva Starr’s set at SFD!


You are coming down to Australia again for Summerfieldayze, It seems like you can’t leave our shores, How do you think our dance scene compares to the rest of the world and what do you love most about your Australian Tours?
Well, it’s always good fun down under, I’ve been touring over there for a few years now so I’ve got plenty of friends in all the cities. The atmosphere is always positive and people want to have fun. I honestly enjoy playing both festivals and clubs… One of my fave is the Chinese Laundry in Sydney.
Your album smashed it World Wide and got a great response, Whats coming up next from the studio?
I’m hard at work to finish my next club singles to be released on my label SNATCH! Plus writing ideas for my new album…
You have been in the scene for awhile now, and you have conquered! You have been on the cover of IDJ magazine, had your own Essential mix and your name pops up on every blog i visit. Has it all been a lot of hard work to get where you are today or have you just let your music do the talking?
HARD WORK indeed, but the music is always the main thing… At the end of the day people listen to the music and that’s the main name of the game. I think it’s very important to build your fanbase creating your own recognizable style.
We would love to have your point of view on blogs, do you feel they are the antagonizer of illegal downloading or are the secret weapon to unleashing new talent?
I always say that blogs are the new modern way to promote your music or whatever you do. I don’t mind giving stuff for free on some blogs, but the message doesn’t have to be that the music is FREE. People need to learn to respect your work and understand that if they don’t buy your “official” work, then there’s no way we can keep doing that. So, Blogs are well accepted but everyone must be respectful of rules (also dodgy blogs that give away tunes that are supposed to be sold instead!)
When your coming down under, is there any Australian producers you would love to work with?
ACIDJACKS! We actually started a tune together a couple of years ago. We might finish it in 4 or 5 years. You never know 😀
What does Riva Starr do when your away from the studio and not behind the decks? any hobbies?
I love spending time with my family and friends… Reading when I’m not too tired and going to the BEACH!
Funny Memories on tour, every artists has one, What would be yours?
Well, once I had a tight connection to go to Ibiza straight after a DJ set in uk… So I fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport… Arrived.. .Went to the ticket desk… the girl at the desk said ”ok mr Starr you are at the wrong airport”, can you imagine my face? Thank God I made it last minute jumping in a taxi and reaching the right airport 🙂
Finally, any words for your fans Down Under?
Come to Summadayze – its gonna be BANGING!
Links – Soundcloud / Myspace / SNATCH! / Facebook / Summerfieldayze /

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