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Round Table Knights Interview

Dirtie Clouds Dj’s have been playing a lot of early night sets at the moment and there is nothing better than a bit of groovy tech house to kick the night off and get the party started. When we think of artists that dominate this genre one name came to mind… Round Table Knights! Check out our Q&A with the boys and look out for further info on Round Table Knights dropping there bouncy tracks at the Monastery in December!

You’ve just released your Coma Cat Remix and your new Cut to the top EP. How has the reception been to your latest EP?

Very Good. We are really happy with the Cut To The Top EP. A lot of DJ’s are playing the tracks, we went into the Beatport top 20 and there are even some radios who put “cut to the top” into their daytime rotation.
With your latest EP done and released what is coming up next for you guys?
The Deadfish remix package should finally be out this fall with our remix of Solo’s “Joga Bola”. Then we did a collaboration with Zombie Disco Squad and one with Jesse Rose for the Made To Play 5 Year compilation. We also heard something about a Round Table Knights album for the beginning of next year…. ;-
Your coming to Australia in December, Excited? What can we expect from you guys?
Yeahhhh super excited! It’s gonna be our first time in Australia and we’ve heard so many good things about it. I guess you can expect some good Dj sets with lots of new Round Table Knights music in it.
Not that you need to but have you guys got any Collaborations in the works and dead or alive who would you love to work with?
We just finished a track with “Ogris Debris” and one with “Ghostape”. A dream collaboration would be Justin Timberlake i guess.
It seems there is no better way to promote tracks that blogs etc. It seems it is the new way to discover artists, What is your point of view on blogs, do you feel like some of them antagonize illegal downloads?
Blogs became such a big source of inspiration for us. We check so many of them for all kinds of stuff every day. If it wasn’t for blogs we would not be at this point of our career right now. People who post stuff with respect are important because as you said, its THE way to discover new music nowadays.
When you guys get some time off from the studio and touring, what do you do to pass the time?
We spend time with our friends and family, watch movies, play baseball, go swimming in the river….phuuu there’s a lot to do 🙂
We would love to hear some advice from you guys for the amateur producers, any tips?
Take a song you really like and analyze it. Check out how its composed, how its produced, how all the different sounds are arranged. then make your own version.
You guys tour the globe and have been for awhile, has there been a moment that has stuck with you, care to share?
Playing at Panorama Bar in Berlin the first time. We were so nervous because we heard all these crazy story about this place. then it turned out to be one of the best gigs ever. We were so happy.
Finally, any words for your fans Down Under?
We can’t wait to finally come Down Under!!! Looking forward to meet you all!!

Thanks for your time guys! and here is a mix!


Penner & Muder – Presence Of Another Man
SLG – Feeling 4 You Feat. Smolny (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
Findling, Lihab – Ol Times
Peter Horrevorts – Escapade
Nils Ohrmann – Let’s Funk (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Michelle Owen – Dee & Deaf
Mowgli – Caraibi (Tom Flynn Remix) – CDR
Zombie Disco Squad – Zimbo
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
Edwin Oosterwal – Scrub The Tub
Chopstick, Till Von Sein – You Don’t See
Ost & Kjex – Mosambiquetravellplan

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