Produce Perfection Winner! Aztek

After weeks of sifting through the submissions, sorting the great from the good we have come up with a winner! Aztek has smashed us with a huge banger which we could not stop listening to. Even though Aztek’s name isn’t big, the tune definately towared the competition. We caught up with Aztek to congratulate and see whats he’s been up to. Oh and here is the tune!!

How were you introduced to the world of Dj’ing and when did you get behind your first set of decks?
– i was introduced to world of djing maybe back in 2000, so over 10 years ago, where i listening to all the big name djs on the net and thought yeah this is what i wanna do haha but i first got behind the decks back in ’05 when my mate and I first started mixing.

What experience do you have in the Brisbane Music Scene and whats coming up next for you?
– well i havent really been exposed that much in the brisbane music scene under my alias Aztek but i have gained a residency and some exposure at Electric Playground playing with my mate under the name Systamatix.

Whats the big goal for Aztek? Where would you like to be this time next year?
– i think my main goal is to improve my production skills haha, explore new and unique techniques and hopefully grow from that into the new year.

Producing, what are you working on at the moment and can you give us a bit of insight on what your using?
– I have a few stuff in the pipeline at the moment, working on some different styles, trying to find my sound still haha – im also using logic pro 8 with a lot of plugins.

Any favorite Tracks at the moment?
– i dont think i really have a favourite, im loving dirtyloud’s stuff at the moment, its so dirty haha.

Are there any artists that you look up to?
– yeah definitely, my top 2 would be steve angello and scot project. 2 very different styles in music but genius’ in the studio.

Other than yourself, who would you say to look out for in the Brisbane scene?
– i think noy, he is killing it at the moment! – im loving his tunes haha

Finally, Favorite/Funniest Club memory that you have experienced so far?
– haha there have been so many, maybe this one time when i was playing at planet a few years ago and this girl kept asking me to play this heavy metal track that she liked and i was like you kidding? then she pulls this cd out of her bag and was like “here i got it, play it!” – i didnt know what to do hahaha

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