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Parklife Special! Jesse Rose & Danny T

Parklife International Vs Parklife Local acts. Which will blow away the crowds? We caught up with two heavy weights on the Parklife line up, The international is Jesse Rose! The Local, Danny T! Both have had a ridiculously busy schedule as of late so we sent them both a couple of questions in the wake of a Monster Parklife festival that hits Brisbane in less than 2 weeks!

Jesse Rose

DC: You are coming to smash the shores of Australia at Parklife, and in our case we are interesting in your Parklife set in Brisbane!
What can we expect from your hour of power?
Jesse: house music all hour long….. if you love made to play & play it down you’ll know what to expect!
DC: You’ve been down to Australia before, How was your last tour? How would you rate it to the rest of the world?
Jesse: it’s funny i get asked this question a lot but only from people in Australia, i think you guys must have a complex no? festival wise Australia is up there with the best in the world for sure! clubs wise it starts to get a lot better over the last couple of years, 24 hour clubbing would but oz on the map… the last tour was really great, we did a made to play club / theatre tour and the crowds really knew what to expect.
DC: We know that your schedule is very hectic this year, will you be getting any spare time down under and what will you be getting up to?
Jesse: yeah i’ve got four days off, gonna hang out in Sydney, working on a project with dannika zen.
DC: We are keeping this short and sweet because we know you are busy, any words for your Aussie fans before you smash us at Parklife?
Jesse: Always expect the unexpected!

Jesse Rose Facebook

Danny T

DC: Your sound has been maturing a lot over the years and it is getting better and better, for those who haven’t heard your tunes, explain the sound and what they could expect from your set at Parklife?
Danny: Currently I’m delving into the more industrial house, whether it be swingin’ tech and tropical or relentless 7 minute loopy house grooves. i guess you could say ive gone back to my roots but i think the music itself has come full circle and the noiseyness that has infiltrated our clubs over the last year will start to fade. My sets are still high energy and at Parklife you can expect a straight party, nothing to serious… just all the tunes you wanna hear, played in a way you’ve never heard 😉
DC: You’ve been smashing it up with your productions lately, Whats coming up next?
Danny: I got a few cheeky records coming out soon which Late Night Addiction will be basing an Australian tour around. I’m heavily excited about my new collaboration with Baltimore hipsta Oh Snap! who has frequented our shores on a number of occasions, the track is being released through onelove and will be featured on the next onelove compilation CD together with a mental remix package which I’ll keep as a secret… its big, bad and full or trumpets!
Secondly, my brothers in arms ‘Yolanda Be Cool’ have snatched up my track ‘jazzcat’ played it all over JJJ and have personally taken it to Sweat It Out label head ‘Ajax’ and waved it in his face demanding a release on the sweat label…. he said yes… happy danny!….dont forget to check out Yolanda’s latest mix comp Smash Your Stereo – out now through onelove featuring my track ‘hustlin’… yum yums!
DC: You got #9 on ITM50 last year, Whats your goal this year, and do you think there will be any new entries or surprise placings from Brisbane?
Danny: I dont go into these comps with any intentions, i just let the people make up their mind, there is no point pestering people for votes, if your fans want to vote for you they will…….. Last year was overwhelming, landing the #9 spot shocked the shit out of me! expect another big shake up this year though i have a feeling there will be a few big surprises and a hell of a lot of new comers 🙂 these lads have been doing great things this year too and have really caught my attention…Sammy Brown, J-Mac and K-Time… totally talented dudes
DC: Other than your Parklife set, What other events coming up are you excited about?
Danny: winter is over! I’m sure you’ll find me at any of the summer festivals this year!….really looking forward to Summerfielddayz and future. also, keep and eye out towards the end of the year for my national tour. until then you can catch me on the top bunk of family on Saturday nights, and monastery on Fridays
over and out!

Danny T  Facebook

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