Summerfieldayze Coolkidstix!

A memory can be created from anything the human mind allows it or what a brand may in plant. Music is a brand in itself. In our case we have two memories. Those of Summafieldayze and those of our artists. Reminding people of the truth doesn’t hurt anyone. – Steven papas

Summerfieldayze 2011 is in our opinion has the best line up of the year, best venue, best management and the best tickets going around!

The Launch of much loved Coolkidstix has gotten rid of all the spam events, messages, status updates and has made buying tickets from your mates cool again.

For the first time in Dirtie Clouds History, we are going to make it easier for you to get your festival tickets  in a personal, safe and rewarding environment!

Rewarding? yes, rewarding! You know why? These are the coolest tickets on the planet for Summerfieldayze!

Unlike normal tickets, these tickets have to be registered online which may seem like a lot of effort but not if you lose them or they get pinched, if you have them registered they can be replaced! Any news that could change the event in any small way will be sent directly to you immediately as its released. Its a fool proof, safe way and cool way to get your tickets.

Much love has gone from Industry tickets, with every man and his dog creating fan pages and events to push out as many tickets as they can so they can make a buck.

Well, we don’t really care about spamming or annoying you to death, we just want to make sure you have the best time at Summerfieldayze and that you stay cool!

Want to purchase your COOLKIDSTIX from us? You can either….

1. Email us here – Dirtieclouds@gmail.com

or Jump on our FACEBOOK and send us a message.

We will have much much more coming about Summerfieldayze including artists interviews, videos and heaps of other cool stuff, keep popping back or subscribe!

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