Guns & Bombs! – Giveaway!

Chicago’s own Johnny Love (aka Deathface) from the monster duo Guns & Bombs is about to smash up our shores and the sound system of The Monastery Nightclub this Friday and we could not be happier, actually, we could. He gave us an exclusive mix to promote his Aussie Tour! They have an Unsigned Album on the works which will definitely leave a space on the shelves of Music stores around the globe as it disappears to the hands of their beloved fans from China to the US. Johnny Love is currently is signed to monster label Trouble & Bass and has been smashing up his new alias Deathface! With monster dubstep remixes and originals to come make sure this name stays in your favourites for the next few years, he will blow your socks off!
To celebrate this amazing Black Candy Event, we are going to give you the chance to win a free entry pass to the event, so you got that bit extra money to smash down some drinks and jump your ass off in front of the DJ Booth (dance too though, obviously). This is how to win one of the two Free entry passes…

1. Jump on to our new Facebook – here!

2. Write on our wall – “WE LOVE BLACK CANDY!”

3. Wait till we announce the winners on Facebook this Thursday!

Check out this mix! SICK SICK SICK!

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