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For someone who hasn’t been in the scene no longer than 2 years his name has exploded onto every event poster and festival line up over the last 12 months. With his resume building its not long now till NOY becomes the household name of the Brisbane scene and becomes our Local Legend. Still very young who knows what this young lad will achieve in years to come. He has just started smashing together some productions of late and we are more than happy to share them with you! Here we have his latest works of art and a new mix. Enjoy!  NOY – Myspace / Facebook


This guy is definitely one to look out for as well. He holds residencies at a few clubs now like Mono, Uber & Alhambra and never disappoints the crowd whether he’d be playing at 9am or 4am. His very jazzy vibe during warm up sets is spectacular which is no surprise that is his chosen signature sound. He is one out of 2 guys we feel are the most relaxed and charismatic Dj’s in Brisbane. Check out his new Mix “Weird Beard” and his bootleg of the classic Chilly Gonzales piano remix of Boys Noize & Erol Alkan’s “Waves.”

Jmac: Facebook / Myspace


The other most relaxed and charismatic Dj’s in Brisbane is Killafornia! With a huge lists of supports and skill under his belt he smashes he sets to our ears with complete confidence and originality! His productions has exploded in the last few months with a style and unique sound to them which reminds you of his club sets. If there was a underestimated talent which does not get enough recognition it would have to be Killafornia.

Killafornia: Facebook / Myspace


The female with a punch! She explodes with her incredible production skill and mixing talent! She also succeeds in what many people including myself fail in as a amateur  producer, mastering! She has done some work with some massive names over the years and who knows how far this youngster is going to go! Playing regularly at clubs like GPO and The Monastery she nails her sets and gets the party full of life.  Make sure you check out her tracks below and catch her next set! There is still a lot more to come from this fine lass who by the way is signed with Ho-Ju Records, Satans Circus and Generation! Big ups Koochie!

Koochie : Facebook / Myspace

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