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Parklife Special! Ticket Giveaway!

The festival that is renowned for Kicking off the festival season with style, Parklife definitely has its fans! Last year was full of mixed reactions with it being a tiny bit over crowded.. but this will not happen this year as the festival in the trees moves south to the lovely Gold Coast’s Parklands. Plenty of room for all the stages to go wild. With all the room you get to jump, drink and go wild to acts like Uffie, Busy P, Missy Elliot and Jack Beats just to name a few. This festival will be nothing but a winner! Thanks to the guys at Ten Pound Crew we are giving away 2 double passes for your festival pleasure!

Firstly, before i explain how to win the tickets, we have recently done some interviews with AC Slater & Yolanda be Cool! We have a few of the questions below, jump the link to read the full interview, then after the enjoyable words from AC Slater & Yolanda we have the entry details. GOOD LUCK!

AC Slater Interview!

First off, you coming down for Parklife in September.. Excited? What can we expect?
I’m very excited for Parklife. You can expect brand new tunes and lots of bass bass bass!
After being such a dominant force in the rave scene in America, What was the influence behind the change to your more current style?
I just followed my interests because I was getting bored with crazy rave music. Now I guess I make crazy club music. haha
Tell us whats happening with your new records, is it still going to be the sound that we all know you for or is there going to be a bit of experimenting?
I always tend to evolve my sound a little bit with each release, but I’m always thinking about the dance floor. Next release is the Calm Down Trilogy on Trouble & Bass. We are doing a double pack vinyl with 2 Serato control records and artwork designed by Dust La Rock! I’ve got my hands full with a bunch of side projects and collaborations as well! On the remix front I’ve done a remix of Crookers “Cooler Couler” that I’m very excited about.
Speaking of new records, Slater & Lime! Brisbane was recently smashed by the experience of Drop The Lime and now you are collaborating! It seems like a dream come true to your fans. “Creepin” has gotten some awesome reactions, how many songs did you guys make and tell us about the experience working with Luca.
We’re best friends and we also mesh very well in the studio creatively, so its just 100% fun when we are working. We’ve done stuff before this but just experimenting a little. When we wrote Creepin we had built a studio in LA in the winter and just soaked in the sun and wrote a bunch of songs. Creepin was our favorite. Our dark, cold, creepy New York sound somehow found its way out even in all that warm California sun! We’re doing it again in August, but this time in Berlin.

Read the full interview here – AC SLATER INTERVIEW!

Yolanda Be Cool

1. Congratulations on your recent success. Tell us a bit about yourselves and something a little weird!
Thank heaps, we are stoked. Umm well there are two of us: I?m Sylvester Martinez and my partner in dance is Johnson Peterson. Something A couple of times when we have shared hotel rooms I have caught Johnson looking at me funny when I have been getting changed. I have never said anything?.. but then I reluctantly used his toothbrush once.
2. You have had an explosion in artist support since We No Speak Americano, has it been overwhelming? and when you were smashing this up in the studio with DCUP did you ever think it would create a hit this big?
We hoped it would go down well in Aus but we didn?t expect it to be doing so well OS. We actually couldn?t believe it when we got sent a video of Round Table Knights dropping it in a club in Belgium with Mowgli and Solo dancing in the background loving it. We basically just wanted to make a fun party track haha
3. The track has sent you overseas, are you ever going to get sick of playing it?
Man there are so many DOPE remixes out there to choose from not to mention we LOVE the original track so I don?t think we will be getting sick of it anytime soon….having said that….hahahah

Read the full interview here – YOLANDA BE COOL INTERVIEW!

Competition Entry Details

1. Subscribe up the top right to the blog and always be in the know of future competitions, interviews and other goodies.

2. Add us facebook! Jump the link here: Dirtie Clouds Facebook!

3. Whilst your on our facebook, jump into our pics and tag yourself in our Parklife Giveaway album!

4. Sit back and wait for our update on facebook with your name tagged as a winner! Obviously, if your not our friend we can’t tag you, so step 2 is important! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Parklife Special! Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Just wondering if eBay permits you to market concert tickets on-line? Do you know if there are any restrictions based on what country you’re in?

    My parents have just referred to as me and asked if i could “get rid” of their two tickets to some concert as they wont be able to make it due to yet another family event.

    Besides asking friends etc, i thought ebay would be a fantastic location to sell them.

    But whats ebay’s policy on marketing tickets? Ive heard alot about it on the news but ive forgotten what happened.

    and if it matters, the concert is inside of this coming month

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    • In Australia there are no restrictions. Ebay has nothing to do with this comp or any tickets sold for concerts. It is a giveaway, and i have permission to give it away the tickets from the people who supplied them for us.

  2. hey dirties,
    love ya work…here’s my sob story…
    for the past two years i’ve been serving drinks to all the people at these qld festivals… can it please be my turn to party??? i’m sick of watching the destruction of human minds..i wanna join in!

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