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Local Hero Interview – Ricky C!

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been a DJ?

Well mate, I’m actually an Electrician by trade, but music is definitely where my heart is at. It all started in my younger years at school when i used to just muck around on Virtual DJ on my PC but even before that i was making my own music on Fruity Loops and just listening to music from all different DJ’s around the world. My desire to be a DJ though, has only been in the last year and a half. And my passion for music and is one thing that drives me to play better, mix better and make something my own and put myself apart from every other DJ out there.

How were you introduced to the world of Dj’ing and when did you get behind your first set of decks?

Listening to such DJ’s like Tiesto, KCB, Armin Van Buuren (just to name a few) inspired me to one day make it into the world of DJing. My best mate bought some decks and I was forever asking him to bring them around to play them and i would just do random house parties with them. Turns out i mastered them quicker than he did and i needed to upgrade my skill so i bought my own decks last roughly 1 year and a half ago and just practiced in my bedroom.

What experience do you have in the Brisbane Music Scene and whats coming up next for you?

Well i started off playing in DJ Competitions around Brisbane just to try get my name out there like at Uber, Birdee Num Nums and Monastery. But I just recently played at Monastery for DISCO DISCO playing before the well known NINA LAS VEGAS from Triple J’s House Party, which was pretty cool. But one of my aims is to play in the main room at Family.

Whats the big goal for Ricky C? Where would you like to be this time next year?

Hmm.. Next Year.. well I am thinking of doing a little bit of traveling, maybe go see Europe and a few other places but while I’m over there I might try see if i can sort out a gig or two over there. But one of my goals is to gain residency in somewhere like Family or Empire.

Producing, what are you working on at the moment and can you give us a bit of insight on what your using?

Producing, well, nothing lately really. I’ve been so busy with work and trying to juggle social life, time and then producing.. well yeah you can see how hard that would then become hahaha But I do use Reason, Ableton and Logic when I am making a track.

Any favorite Tracks at the moment?

Well, that’s a funny question, cos my favourite track seems to change with different Genres and well, new music is released everyday, and its almost a struggle just trying to keep up with that haha. But I must say ONE OF my favourite tracks at the moment would have to be Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix). I love those bouncy tracks.

Are there any artists that you look up to?

Well, the artists I do look up to vary from big names to slightly smaller names like, Tiesto, Axwell, AJax, Danny T, Baby Gee, Malente, The Aston Shuffle, Afrojack.. and that’s probably just some of the bigger names that people know. But all these artists play different and have their own style which is something that i want one to be known for one day.

Other than yourself, who would you say to look out for in the Brisbane scene?

One guy definitely to look out for is CLIFTONIA. He is following my tail very closely but is a very talented DJ and when you see his name out there, be sure to wear your dancing shoes cos that guy really knows how to party.

Finally, Favorite/Funniest Club memory that you have experienced so far?

Ok, only my friends know about this but.. i may as well say it haha!! One night I went to Monastery and was dancing n getting my groove on, and thought… you know what… I’m gonna do a back flip. Now.. when you are really drunk, things don’t always go as they plan.. So I’m dancing away, and tell EVERYONE to “STEP BACK, GIVE ME SPACE”.. I got all the way around, BUT.. landed on a set of stairs and screwed up my ankle and my wrist for about 6 months.. and YEP i still cop it from my mates on this day haha

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