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Major Lazer Interview!

Major Lazer, a name that has been exploding onto radio, clubs, blogs, charts, fliers and pretty much everything else. You can’t go anywhere in the world without these guys either being there, gone there or going there. Diplo and Switch have created a monster duo which will be sticking around for a long time to come! Here is our Q&A with Major Lazer’s Diplo…

DC: You guys are heading down for Stereosonic Festival, When your not behind the decks what have you guys got planned for your time down under?

Diplo: Surfin, hangin out with lil kids in jail spotting wildlife and making out with girls!

DC: For those who are unaware, how did you and Switch meet and was it always aimed at being a reggae inspired duo?

Diplo: Ha! Never we just wanted to do something with all our extra stuff and this was the first idea we had… We meant to have more but it was good enough.

DC: What are the plans for Major Lazer in the future? Another Album?

Diplo: We have about 7 tracks for the next record and its kinda mental.. Really taking the whole movement to the next level.. We have the best team and I think we have Jamaica behind us now.. In 2010 you will see Major Lazer on cartoon network as well!

DC: Tell us about your first trip to Australia, we’ve been told we aren’t as crazy as some of the other continents, true or false?

Diplo: I’ve been Australia a lot and I’ve DJ’d everywhere from Canberra to Perth to even Darwin and Maningrida.. maybe not as crazy but Australia is definitely weird.. I really like how u guys are a continent.. that’s a good look.

DC: Pon De Floor was a massive success all over the globe and the remix competition got a lot of attention, do you drop the remixes every now and again in your sets and was their a personal favorite, ours would have the be The Deficient Remix.

Diplo: I like the Smoke and Mirrors mix for my sets .. it has a mad build but the VIP – “pon the streets” really smashes it..

DC: On to a non Major Lazer Question, do you and switch ever get enough time to work on solo originals and remixes as well as solo sets?

Diplo: Yeh I’m always busy doing remixes on the side.. finished a big one for Sia earlier in the summer.. Just did one for Percolator the classic from Cajmere.. there’s always lots to do.. Just check for it.. Also did production for Robyn, Snoop Dogg and heaps more. I cant remember what..

DC: What would have to be your favorite/funniest memory whilst on tour or in the studio?

Diplo: I think playing in Cambodia during our Asian tour last month.. and playing on a pontoon boat in the middle of the Mekong river was pretty strange.. Or being in the studio randomly with Ricky Blaze and Die Antwoord in New York City for no particular reason in February.. Nothing can beat the Mad Decent block party we just did this weekend though.. search on twitter for #mdbp that was in front of my house in Philly.

DC: What would be your tip for the Amateurs producers and Dj’s out there?

Diplo: Do something no one else is doing.. Ef you a fan of a DJ or a style.. Don’t just copy him… make it your own and figure a way to get people into it.. I cant tell the difference between the 10000 of dudes on dance lables right now.. Only a few names stick out.. remember why..

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