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Local Hero Interview – Loose Unit Dj’s!

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you guys form & create Loose Unit DJ’s?

-Almost 4 years ago we met at the Monastery nightclub, been mates ever since. We both had a strong passion for music, never really cared about playing in nightclubs and were quite happy just playing at home and house parties. Noy and Loose Units DJs played our first gig at Embassy, with Danny T and few other DJs. He sky rocketed but we were never motivated do the same. Only in the last 3 months have we actually grown an interest in the club scene, and have been getting quite a few constant gigs at different venues. No residencies yet though. We love our dirty electro, and now are falling in love with dutch house…. Favourite genre would be Progressive House – Listen to some Weekend Heroes and you will see what we mean! Our name came from our fans and friends, we love to hit the town and get rather messy, even if it’s before a gig… surprisingly this doesn’t affect our mixing ability! So we got the names because we are literally loose units.

How were you guys introduced to the world of Dj’ing and when did you get behind your first set of decks?

-As I said briefly before we had a random once of gig at Embassy, but what really started us was watching Luki tear it up at 2am every Thursday at Monastery, so we learnt the basics on some numarks… which was good training as their was no bpm counter (you had to tap) and the jog wheels on them were screwed, off course once the skills improved so did the gear.

What experience do you have in the Brisbane Music Scene and whats coming up next for you guys?

-Not a lot of experience, other than we haven’t really missed going out on the weekend for almost 4 years, so we hear a lot of music, we know a lot of well known djs. The last month has been averaging 1-2 gigs a week. With constant gigs at Halo, Residency for Anarchy (Disco Disco Crew), Gigs at Fringe Bar and Main Stage at Electric Playground, working on trying to get into GPO (with a set at end of this month), its sort of like open decks were GPO will choose someone for residency if they like them, they may not
choose anyone! Want to get into Empire too.

Whats the big goal for Loose Unit Dj’s? Where would you like to be this time next year?

-Get a solid residency for a well know club in the valley… move onto producing, as its always interested us. And hopefully play at small stage in one of Brisbane’s music festivals.

Producing, what are you guys working on at the moment and can you give us a bit of insight on what your using?

-We haven’t really been working on anything recently… a couple of month ago we sat down with our mate and produced a progressive house track… it’s not the top priority at the moment but will be pumping some tunes out in the near future.

Any favorite Tracks at the moment?

-There are soooo many good tracks out atm! Ill give you our favourite track from the three genres.
Dutch House – Clubzound – Pac Man (Dirty Dutch Remix)
Electro – Felguk – 2Nite feat. Sporty – O (Original Mix)
Progressive – Weekend Heroes – Sidewinder (Original)

Are there any artists that you look up to?

-There are a few artists we look up to! Have always been a fan and even before he was known in Brisbane (thanks to deep deep beatport digging) and that is Wolfgang Gartner….. he has such a unique sound and people looove it! Of course like everyone else we have a strong liking for Justice and Daft Punk.

Other than yourself, who would you say to look out for in the Brisbane scene?

-There is a new kid on the block, he is just starting to get gigs in small places.. we are trying to get him into a club where he belongs! I haven’t heard a tech house set quite like his, and a lot of the tracks he plays are ones that he has produced himself. Good mixing ability and makes brilliant tracks. Look out for Benny Hassum, I reckon he has the potential to go far.

Finally, Favorite/Funniest Club memory that you have experienced so far?

– Funniest club moment… ahah oh boy! There are two! We playing at 3 hour set at Halo (Deep/Defective House) and the laptop restarted mid set (we use Traktor for some gigs) now what happened is windows update said that windows will automatically restart in 5 mins due to updates, of course we don’t stare at the screen so we didn’t see it coming…. The music stopped and the laptop said restarting! Kinda embarrassing!
Playing a set on a Friday night at Electric Playground towards the end of it the fire alarms went off in the whole club (we got blamed coz we went a little heavy on the smoke machine… luckily we had to play at uber in half an hour and bailed… wasn’t us in the end.. but trying to beat match to the sound of the whoooooooop whooooooop whoooooooop was hard!

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