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Larry Tee Interview!

DC: Larry Tee, You started off in your own band towards the late end of the 80’s (Early 90’s, excuse me if I’m wrong), Has your production style and the way you go about constructing a record changed a lot since then?

Larry : Well, making music in the 80’s meant you had to record something to tape which is totally different than using computers. I remember recoding catching to get that grandmaster flash effect. hehehe. I never got it.

DC: You had massive success with “Licky” feat Princess Superstar, and then being remixed by the mighty Hervé, were you expecting that much attention from that record, and did it add any pressure to create something even better?

Larry: Well, the record went even further than Herve in that its coming out as a pop single from Shontelle, which is the new Rihanna. Sean Garret, who wrote Yeah for Ushers and all of Beyonce’s last album, took the hook and gave me 40% of the publishing on it. Its going to be the followup for her top 10 current single in America. As for the pressure, i did write “Lets Make Nasty” AFTER Licky and it has don’t just as well on my album and with the Afrojack remix…i am super lucky to have gotten such amazing remixers! But i ALWAYS want to do something better of course, but i don’t sweat it really.

DC: Lots have people haven’t been introduced to your original “My Penis”, it is a very fun track, Tell us the true story of constructing and the inspiration behind that track?

Larry: Perez Hilton is a big Amanda LePore fan and loved all the Electrolcash stuff I had done, so he came to my studio to work on a new song. He couldn’t stop singing Amanda’s My Pussy, so I suggested that he record ‘My Penis” and he went for it. I adore Perez. He Isn’t nearly as scary as he seems from his column and his public persona…

DC: You have a new album coming out “Club Badd”, what can we expect to hear? The usual Larry Tee Sound?

Larry: Well, CLub Badd is all the current songs I have been creating post-electroclash. It is the most outrageous collection of raunchy, fun songs you could ever put on one CD, which means it is the BOMB! Especially since i have so many amazing remixers on it to make me sound really smart….which I am, to pick such good remixers and co-producers.

DC: Your also smashing up the shores of Australia very soon, On the off chance you get some time in between the decks, what have you got planned for your time down under?

Larry: Well, I am going to do a little sight-seeing, some shameless self-promotion and eat some of those savory pumpkin dishes. But I have also recently collaborated with The Stafford Brothers, Tommy Trash, and my favorite sunglasses maker in the world, GRAZ on some new tunes. So maybe I will go door to door finding the NEXT hot talent. Australian IDOL watch out!

DC: I’m not going to ask you about Electroclash, I would like to ask you over the time you have been in the music industry, what has been one of the biggest and most influential changes in the way music is Made/Played/Bought/Promoted?

Larry: Back in the day, there WAS a record industry. Now, you have to look for new ways to get your music out there, get people to buy it somehow and NOT download it, and to find new ways to get paid from making music. I do think the internet has really helped music get better by making it easier to find new music. Also, anyone who says there isn’t any money in being a rock star or a DJ, is out of their minds. it just isn’t the same time when you could make 100 million dollars from having a couple hit albums. But lets get real, artists can still make butt-loads of money and they aren’t exactly building childrens’ hospitals are they?

DC: You have played countless sets, what would be one of your funniest moments whilst on tour or in the studio?

Larry: Oh, god. When i did my Electroclash festival, it was 2 weeks after 9/11 and even though every came to the events, nearly everyone got in free or knew someone in one of the acts. So at one point, Peaches manager came up to me and asked me for her money….which i didn’t have. So I gave him her deposit, which I just barely had and hid for the rest of the night until AFTER she had gotten onstage….it was my birthday, so she and adult and chicks on speed all sang me happy birthday…not knowing that I would only be able to pay them a couple days later. But they got paid and weren’t mad at all, especially since it was such an amazing and groundbreaking event….There is an amazing photo from backstage that had the big-breasted B*o*B with her breasts resting on Peaches’ head.

DC: Finally, for those who want to leave an imprint on the music industry just like yourself, what advice would you give to them?

Larry: You really have to follow what you are passionate about, and be able to share the stage with other people. Because I was so helpful to so many different kinds of artists throughout my long career, it gave me the opening to let people hear my own music and to be able to DJ around the world, and subsequently show how i could kick people’s asses, hehehehe. If you give other people a chance to shine, you also can shine yourself. These days its rare that you make much of an imprint on the music culture unless you are part of something bigger than yourself. DO what inspires you and it might inspire others.

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