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Mightyfools Interview

+he Arcade Crea+ive = Race Day Madness! They will be providing local punters and drinking enthusiasts entertainment at this years Ekka Races at Doomben with the mighty Mightyfools and Misery (Live). As well as a bunch of local talent to smash their CD wallets in between marvelous site of a tiny person riding a giant 4 legged animal around an oval in the hope of capturing a victory over 10 others. (Baby Gee, Aniki, Van Meirt, Benibee and Morgan Baker) It will be a day to remember. What about the night? Well +he Arcade Crea+ive have that shit covered with a bus taking you and your not-so-sober mates to The Monastery Nightclub were the real after party begins! Mightyfools bring there party asses back to mono as well as Sharkslayer, Beataucue! Locals descend on Monastery with boys like Baby Gee, Habebe, Tag Team, LL Cool James, Danny T, Luki, Noy, Jmac, Too Shoes, Fef all keen to keep you going in between the amazing international talent. This will not be a event to miss! So please, jump on our Facebook here! Tag yourself in the event flier to put yourself in the draw to win a double pass to the After Party at Monastery!

We had a little Q&A with mightyfools before the rock Brisbane once again, here it is..
You guys are coming to Brisbane’s Monastery Nightclub to smash us once again, whats going to be new this year?
Hell yeah! We are very excited to bring you guys a memorable experience once again. Since last year much has happened, we were able to see and play many places we’ve dreamt of. In the meanwhile we’ve been in the USA twice including the WMC in Miami, and we’ve seen the entire European continent. We’ll definately come more prepared this time, as the Australian party people are one of the craziest in the world. Must pack helmets, bandages and earplugs!
For those stupid people who haven’t heard or seen a Mightyfools set, describe what they could experience?
Party, party, party ofcourse! What’s a party without a party? Music that makes you wanna dance. We play tracks that have a positive vibe and a certain energetic element to it. Much people think we play rock hard sets, but compared to many other dj’s our music is quite soft, it’s just more focused to the energetic element into it!
You’ve just released your latest EP “That’s The Shit / Baguette EP”, Whats next for you guys, any collaborations with some of our Aussie artists while your down under?
We’ve just done a tune with Sharkslayer, especially for this tour. You will definately hear it soon! Also we got some brand new tunes we are testing on the road now for a few weeks, and it’s getting amazing crowd feedback so far! We hope to announce the releasedate soon. As for remixes, we’ve just finished a track for Laidback Luke’s Mixmash label called Kiesz, which is currently storming the beatport charts and we’re waiting for our Crookers remix to be released, so keep your eyes on our website!
Craziest shit you’ve seen whilst on the decks or on tour?
Being on the road most of the year brings a lot of crazy things with it.. and we mean A L O T! But to keep it short, a month ago or so we had to stop our set because of a shoot-out, that was definately crazy. Luckily it was in the other room, but we were suddenly part of CSI:Birmingham, with policemen storming in and shit. And last year in Australia Andy got kicked out of the club during the DJ set, that was a messy night. Also girls can do crazy things but i’d rather describe that as friendly things, ha!
Other than destroying dance floors and producing monster tracks, what do you two get up to?
Party, hard work, and ofcourse chillin and enjoying life. When on tour we mostly try to attend some other parties, and go around the city as much as we can, to find some cultural stuff. Hell, that sounds really serious. We buy beer while doing that, so that kinda makes up for it?
Finally, to all the kids out there who want to be the next Mightyfools, what are they getting themselves into?
A lot of fun.

Check out there Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Website & Also check out this! – +he Arcade Crea+ive

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