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Mowgli DC Interview!

This has been a long time coming for us. Mowgli has been very busy over the last few months smashing up clubs all over the globe and producing masterpieces that keep getting better and better!

We had to get a little Q&A time with the man so here it is..

1. You started out producing more hip hop in your early days, What made you change to house music and do you feel those early hip hop days still influence they way you produce house?

Yes it still influence me, or maybe the fact that I liked and still like hip hop shows my love for black music that is obviously reflected in my productions…. The kind of House music I like and try do I think its pretty “black” , and with ” black ” I mean groovy , sexy and funky.

2. As we have seen over the last few years, the groovy percussive house is growing more popular by the weekend. Your name definitely comes to the tongue when we think of funky artists, whats next on the productions cards for Mowgli?

Lots of more funky percussive house … I’m starting to write an album , but in the meantime I’ll release some singles along the way

3. In your beginnings did the move from Italy to London have an influence on your sound and what inspires you the most when putting together an original?

Strangely it worked out the opposite, when I was in Italy I was doing a more “British” sound then an year after I moved to London. I started to do a more “Italian” sound … the kind of house I’m doing now has long tradition in Italian club scene.

4. After your last tour of Brisbane had you hitting up The Monastery Nightclub with an impact, when will be seeing Mowgli in Australia again?

Hopefully soon, I think I’ll be there around January.

5. Have you ever had a funny memory that you have experienced behind the decks or whilst on tour that you would like to share with us?

I’ve got loads, I could write a book about it, most of them I wouldn’t like to share tho!

6. Last Question, What tips or advice do you have for the amateurs out there?

Spend more time in studio and get better producers, most of the promos I receive for the label have good ideas but they dont sound good enough… Producers nowadays want to make it the short way, gettin popoular on social networks instead of putting hard work in their music.

You have to study and learn new sound engeneering technics all your life, I’m constantly learning and gettin better every day, the stuff I’m doin now sounds better then the one I did 3 months ago, and in 3 months my music will sound better then now.

Thanks heaps mate, look forward to your return to Australia

Check out his Beatport and Soundcloud

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