Coming Soon: Friday Free Downloads

We are always looking for new shit to post on the blog and i have always been one for free 320kbps downloads, Who Isn’t? So coming up in August we will be introducing our Friday Free Downloads every second Friday. Your fortnightly share of tunes from our local boys & girls from Brisbane and some from around the world. There are some rules..

Rule #1 –  We are not going to post shit tunes, so please don’t send them to us if you don’t think its good enough. We are always here for feedback though so please give us a bell on Soundcloud.

Rule #2 – Make sure it is alright with your label if you or the track is signed. We don’t want to be receiving emails from your label telling us to remove the track!

So, if you are a producer or work at a label and want your shit up on the blog, click our Dropbox jump below and send us your tune, make sure the download button is working fine and let the downloads begin.

Send me your track

ps. Please don’t take offense if we don’t post your track, its not that its shit, it either is not style of tune we push to our readers or we don’t have room to post 600 free downloads a fortnight. Take care!

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