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Zombie Disco Squad! DC Interview!

They have been a power duo every since there birth. Zombie Disco Squad have blessed our Eardrums with amazing originals, remixes and sets that make our mouths water. If i have to admit it, they are one of my favourite duo’s in terms of consistency.


1. First off, a common questions, How did you guys establish the power duo of Zombie Disco Squad?

ZDS is the illegitimate love child of Frankie Knuckles and DJ Funk (now there’s a mental image!). We were born into this world in 1982 in the backroom of the Paradise Garage in New York, our teenage years were spent in the EBM clubs of Belgium and our late 20s saw us work the door at Rio’s Favela parties. The last few years we have been lost within the corridors of Panorama Bar, trying to get a handle on reality.

2. Now, to snoop on your Myspace.. I’ve read there you are not a fan on “Cheesy Dutch House”, Now on the blog, either are we but sometimes i have to sacrifice my personal interest in the matter of keeping my readers happy. Is it like that on tour, when the warm up dj’s leave you with “Banging” dutch house?

If you kept reading you would see ‘Cheesy Dutch House’ also comes up on our YES list, so we are split in two with this on. Rizardo introduced us to some of the nicest grooves of recent years and we love the Afro tinged work of people like Salto and Gregory, the problem comes when the originality is lost and people start working to a formula. Dutch house is the best music to get drunk to.

3. Now you guys do play at a few festivals, do you have a festival survivor kit?

Scissors (for wayward dreadlocks), Fire Extinguisher (for the fire spinning dudes), 1 bottle of Jack Daniels and 1 bottle of Vodka.

4. Speaking of Festivals and Touring, Whats your funnies moment whilst on tour?

We took our agent to Cocoon in Frankfurt and all took our trousers off inside the DJ booth, it was either the funniest or the most stupid.

5. There are plenty of kids with “Zombie” in their alias name, How did you guys come up with yours?

It comes from that feeling at 7am in the morning, the part of the night where you get to make that decision….do I go home or do I carry on dancing somewhere else? You can guess which one we usually go for.

6. Are you guys heading to Australia any time soon?

YES! We will be with you later in the year, there is talks of a tour with the Round Table Knights which we are mad excited about as we love them to bits.

7. Whats next in the studio for all your Zombie fans out there?

We have a new track coming soon on Deadfish, it features our long time friend Spoek Mathambo, with this one we returned to our Chicago roots…we are really happy with the results. We also have a new EP dropping on Made to Play, big drums, shouting and trumpets….the usual ZDS affair.

8. When you guys aren’t behind the decks or the monitors, what can we catch you doing?

We are both international Pogo champions, we actually met at the 1997 World Finals in Luxembourg. So when we aren’t jumping around in the club you can catch us training at our local Pogo center.

9. Finally, what advice do you give for all the amateur dj’s and producers out there?

Its a cliched answer, but its still true….do your own thing! Don’t try and be the next Crookers or the next Justice, find what works for you and don’t worry too much what everyone else is doing. Oh and make music for the girls….not the boys.

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