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NOY! – Local Hero Interview!

We are one of Noy’s biggest fans! Since his early beginnings his has never looked like slowing down! He has been exploding in popularity and his Cd wallet has been coping a lot of ware and tear over the last few months. He is only a young lad so who knows how far he will go! We had to catch up with him and see what was coming up next!

RootMusic BandPage by noyboy

You’ve become a house hold name almost in Brisbane, explain how you got your first gig and how much different was it back then?

Well i don’t really know how i got my first gig to tell you the truth, i just played endless amounts of house parties, and than my mate was holding a Sunday session event at the embassy hotel in the city, and asked if i wanted to play, i did open and had all my friends come out, was still one of the funnest sets ever! um, I’m not sure how it was different but I’m just guessing because i was starting out things seemed a lot different and i wasn’t too familiar playing on a club system.

You’ve come along was since then, when you won the Say Hello Night and won a residency at mono was all that hard work promoting and everything paid off?

Definitely, i just try get my name out there any way possible and let all my friends know when and where I’m playing and if they can come party with me that’s even better!

You just recently played at Creamfields with other Monastery Resident Luki, Its not your first festival set but do you feel it was the best festival set you’ve done to date?

For sure, it was probably one of my biggest sets apart from the future music or Steve Aoki gig, it was such a great experience, especially with Luki there smashing it with me! 🙂

This isn’t your first Club feature night either, you recently did one at Brisbane’s biggest nightclub The Family. Did you ever think a few years back when you started you would be getting this popular?

Not really hey, i just went into it saying I’m going to keep my head straight and take what i could get, and yeah no big plans were really made, and I’m stoked at where i am today! so hopefully i can keep on going!

Whats next for you? Any productions in the works?

Next is definitely production, I have a fair few things in the work atm, just getting onto them a lot these days, especially because I’m not over burdened with uni at the moment haha!

Spring festival season is coming faster than we realize, you gonna be pumped to get more sets at festivals like Stereosonic, Future, Summafield, Global, Good Vibes, Park Life? Whats your Favorite festival of the year?

Yeah definitely, but than again who knows if i will get booked for any of those festivals, so i won’t say much, if i don’t get booked for them it doesn’t really matter, that just means I’ll be somewhere in the crowd getting rowdy!
Favorite festival is easily Parklife, but summerfielddayze this year was amazing so it’s close between those two.

You have some more originals coming soon, and just delivered two new remixes, are we going to be hearing a lot more of these in your club sets?

Yeah for sure, i’m really happy with the originals and how they are coming along and even more happy with the remixes, these are the first of my production that i’m really happy about and hopefully when they are played out they get a good response!

Ever had a weird request or a funny moment on the decks?

Probably every night, there are way way too many to list, wouldn’t even know where or when to start but there’s always a weird request or something going on behind the decks. lol

Any tips for all the young Dj’s out there trying to break into the scene?

Well like everyone else would say, just keep at it, it’s something for the long haul so just keep at it, and i’m sure you will succeed, just keep at it, and do what you gotta do you know.

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