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Don Rimini! DC Interview!

Its not everyday we see a name explode and cover the blog sphere. After remaining quiet all it took was one smashing EP to engrave Don Rimini on the top blogs of the world. His songs getting played and remixed by the best in the business gave him the motivation to release his second EP which hit just as fast. A year or two has gone by and Don Rimini is about to release his latest EP “Nlarge your pants”. We had to get a chat in with this musically gifted magician were he lets us know of his favorite memories so far, his future projects and his points of view on some matters that count.

Fairtilizer 45187 – Don Rimini – The Return Of The Don Tour Mix – July 2009 by tuturboy

The Don Rimini name exploded after the success of “Let me back up” and then the Crookers remix. With that being awhile ago, how has the journey been since then and how much has life changed in a couple of years?

‘Absolutely Rad EP’ been released on January 2008, on which is included the track “Let me back up.”
« Let me back up » has become a kind of mini hit in the electro scene. The Crookers remix has been playlisted by loads of famous DJs, and has been requested by the public many times. I’m super glad of that. Many thanks to Crookers for their awesome remix. But I didn’t wanted to be known on a misunderstanding. So, I quickly released my « Young Mc – Bust A Move » remix, then my « Kick n Run EP ». By chance those EP received a great welcome. I was very proud. This makes me tour around the world several times during 2 years. Last year I did something like 120 gigs… on the 5 continents! Totally mad… I also did dozen of remixes for Dada Life, Sinden feat. Rye Rye, Designer Drugs… It brings me so much fun, it’s a great chance! And a lot of work as well… ahahah… The latest remix I did was for a band I love called “The Subs”. I also produced 2 tracks for the Fluokids and Discobelle compilations last year. Honestly, during this year, most of my time has been devoted to the production of my new EP “Nlarge Your Parties”. It will be released this July on Mental Groove records. It is a kind of mini-album. I’m really proud of it. And then I’ll tour again. It will be even bigger, even crazier… I can’t wait!

Now your name seems to be on every blog I visit whether it be a remix or an original you seem to have a sound that is very unique, where would you think you would be without the invention of blogs?

Firstly, It is absolutely AWESOME. I’m really glad that all those blogs are talking about my music. Internet takes an important place for me. Definitely. I’m stuck on my computer 24/7. I listen to loads of music on blogs or any other website. Internet is my way to keep updated on the “fresh” music. I watch tons of videos, I share files with friends. Man, Without internet I couldn’t exist!

More seriously, it is essentially due to internet that my music received an echo. It gave me access to the public… from the blogs, myspace… Where traditional medias do not understand and do not relay our music… with Internet, we all have our own stage.

I don’t wanna people end up consuming the music like they would go to a fast food: eat fast, digest fast and jump straight on something else. The ‘quest’ of the ultimate track that nobody has do not exist anymore, as for the pleasure it used to give.

Do you feel like blogs are almost the antagonizer of illegal download?

I’m not totally against the idea of finding another ways to obtain a track. I just blame some blogs that don’t ask any agreements from the artists or labels before sharing tracks. That’s not really fair. Especially I often accept that kind of request, when they ask nicely.
In the same way, I’m not very down with blogs that savagely post tracks without any review, any info or comment attached. I think they are absolutely without any interest.
I used to do many collabs with blogs. I’m totally down with it when the project is interesting.

Speaking of illegal downloads, what are your two cents on the subject, any ideas on how artists can start making a buck from an EP or a Single?

Firstly, You need a good manager 😉
No, more seriously,
There is no typical way. Each artist got his own way. Cut and paste any strategy or any sound will make you being a follower.
The real trick is to have your own personality, your own vibe and a big sound. Put some sincerity, generosity and many, many time and energy.
So, to turn pretty « famous », Internet is not a bad start. But it’s not the only way so far.

Not to make you feel old, but your over 30 now, are you ever scared that touring is going to catch up with you? What are your after party plans with your life?

I love touring, I love mixing and producing. The day I wont feel it anymore, when I won’t be passionate anymore, I’ll stop.
I have loads of projects like « Curated by Don Rimini » a compilation that I’m really involved in. I’ll highlight new comers who are so gooooood. A compilation with 4 new comers – 4 awesome tracks!!! Believe me, it will be mad! So stay tuned. I am also working on an album for Japan, working on new remixes, edits, mixes…
Passion is my motor, so I think I will never stop working in the music… Whatever the future I will produce soundtrack for cartoons, start a rock band, ahah.

Lets have a bit of fun, you’ve been in the scene for awhile, what is your funnies moment whilst on tour?

Man, so hard to choose, so there were so much good & funnies moments.
Pukklepop 2009, in Belgium. Under an overcrowded tent, it was super hot, huge lights, giants sprays-fans… Crowd turned absolutely crazy during my set. A guy in a wheelchair did a stage diving carried by the crowd. Awesome!! Kids were insane as at 3 am but it was… 3:30 p.m…
Oxegen 2009, in Dublin (Ireland). My first big festival in the UK. Hmmm… So big… I understood that Festivals are a real culture there. Full of tents, thousand and thousand of peeps wearing wellies! Ambling through mud with fluorescent, floral, striped wellies… So funny!! A dream which looked like a nightmare…

You’ve toured Australia before, when are you coming back and how was your last tour down under?

I really expect to come back very soon. I love the country, the people, the laid back felling. 🙂 I’m definitely very eager to share some good moments with peeps from the other side of the planet, once again. Man, I really love Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane…  I had so good moments by meeting the Australian djs, promoter, fans, ahahah ! I can’t wait to come back for the summer festivals (during our cold winter) and enjoy again that Australian welcoming, that famous Aussie vibe.
I remember the first night of my last Aussie tour… promoters, djs and myself wanted to celebrate that. We were kind of super excited, crazy… But I did celebrate it too much… biggest hangover of my life… Ahah

Finally, any words for your fans down under who miss you badly?

I miss you so much, and no doubt the Don Rimini is back!
Ozzzz peeps, bring your ass down and come get crazy with us

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