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fRew Interview! DC Exclusive!

fRew, obviously a different name you don’t hear every day but you will remember it! This young gentleman is different and proud of it! So we decided we would try something different for this interview and I hope you like it! Almost every blog we go to puts there music at the bottom of the post, we can see why they would do this so people can read the review before they bother to click play but seeing as though this is an interview, why not listen to a tune whilst your eyes and brain get a workout? So Let us know with a comment on what you think and if it increased your reading experience! Oh, and we would like to introduce fRew!

RootMusic BandPage by fRew

DC – Well cheers for taking the time, Tell us how you kicked off the fRew Journey?

fRew- ahh man where to start. 17yrs old @ rave parties. Loved the vibe of forward thinking Dance music. Always evolving and interesting. I was hooked. Time passed, Styles went form trance to house then to drum & bass which lead my over to the UK for a year.

DC – Listening to your latest remix you did i can see where the Drum & Bass came into play haha, describe your sound at the moment, its always best in the creators words!

fRew- Well, My sound depends on a few things. If I’m writing something for radio or an underground club. Or big room party. I like to be versatile with my sound. I’d like to think even know stylistically I’m very diverse. People can still recognize the vibe of a fRew record

DC – Definitely!

fRew – due to the rhythm and feel rather than hearing the same record but different, if u know what i mean.

DC – Sure do, good attitude to keep, you hear to many artists that song after song there is no real change. Whats next for you production wise?

fRew – wow. so much going on. Songwriting wise Chris Arnott and I have been collaborating on our project with Rosie Henshaw Our next single has just been singed to One Love. Also writing more Pop / Dance records to help our brands access the public more. I have done a hip hop / pop record with a young Canadian Girl “Kay” who recently signed to Interscope, she is rubbing shoulders with some great folk in the states. Looks like the record will be featured on her break out mix tape which I’m chuffed about. Club wise. I’m writing loads of underground bangers in preparation to my first Visit to ADE this year which I’m really excited about! Also have some Remixes and I have Collaborated with John Dubbs (Shopliftas) on a records called “Wicked Woman” ft Honorebel. We wrote the song then John translated lyrics into Jamaican Slang using an online Rasta dictionary. Very creative and out of the box way of approaching this record. Honorebel loves is and didn’t have to edit the grammar much at all which surprised us! So much going on in the studio right now there really is too much to list and it keep getting busier

DC – That’s pretty sweet, yer Jesus, just a little bit going on haha, Obviously over the next few months you will be smashing up the studio, how are you going to find time to do more of your you tube videos, and tell us why you started those?

fRew – haha! Well. Its always nice for fans to see that we producer folk are just a regular as everyone. No secrets there. It’s a great thing to give people an inside view into my world. Relationships with fans is very important to artists in this new & changing industry.

DC – Well we love them, keep em coming! Even know you might not have this on video what are some of your funniest moment on tour, in the studio or behind the decks?

fRew – hmmmmm.

Wish you Were Here tour with Bass Kleph 08 (I think) So many funny stories. Without saying too much. Just ruckus nights. Cabin fever in the studio is always lurking in my mind! I’ve had all sorts happen from extremely nauseous plane rides to my battery on my laptop going dead while using Serato mid set.

DC – ouch! never thought of taking your charger? haha

fRew – yeh i got kick out at laundry in the peak slot. I started singing, wasn’t really the same.

DC – lesson learned i guess.. Besides taking your charger to your sets, what tip/s would you have for the next generation of Dj’s and Producers?

fRew – Find the sound you love and push it. Don;t fall victim to playing all the hit records. If the young up rising producers educate & trust their choice of songs. then the crowd will except & trust them. I’m not saying don’t play accessible records. Cause a lot of them are amazing. But you don’t need to mash up every hit record as possible in 1.5hrs. Trust the music, keep it simple and let it breathe. Sounds cheesy but i hear so many young guys mixing 1000’s records in their mash up they made. It’s just not necessary.

Keep it simple

DC – Nice Words! I can definitely agree! Cheers for having a chat with us, any last words for your fans up in the Sunshine State?

fRew – Can’t wait to get up to Brissy! love the crowds up there! Amazing every time, Thanks dood!

Check out all his thingo’s here! – soundcloud/

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