Artist Interviews

Fukkk Offf! – DC Interview!

This was an interview i was leaving for a surprise, i didn’t tell many people.. well maybe i did cause i was way t fucking excited! Yep, its fine we can swear, look at his name! Who gives a shit, the parental lock has already been set cause this crazy man has a sound that would make you parents ears explode! We had to find out about how and why he makes his “angry style” music.

1. I have to ask, when you tell people what your alias name is, do people just leave? and how did you come up with it?
Haha no, people dont leave when i tell them my alias but it´s always worth a laugh… FUKKK OFFF represents my more aggressive side and the name just came into my mind when i started to produce harder tracks.

2. Now you used to produce more Minimal stuff, what caused the change?
I get easily bored when i produce the same sound over and over again which doesn´t mean that don´t produce any minimal stuff anymore…

3. Now i’ve read that you do get a lot of inspiration when your not in the best of moods, Whats gonna happen when nothing is wrong? Get drunk and cause some trouble?
Haha yes some drama always attracts me somehow so i guess i don´t have to worry about that…making music is the best way for me to get rid of it

4. I recently asked Toxic Avenger what ideas he would have to combat the illegal downloading so artists can make some money from an EP, Did you have any ideas?
No i think it´s ridiculous to try to combat illegal downloading…there will always be some money left for licensing etc but the main income for an artist are the gigs i think…the only thing i will miss in the future is to hold a vinyl of my productions in my hand.

5. You’ve already smashed Australia this year, how was the tour overall?
It was already my 2nd time and i really enjoyed it again…by now australia is still my favorite country to play even if its soo far away from everything else ; )

6. Talking about being on tour, What is your funniest moment whilst on tour or even at home in the studio?

There is no special moment but i really enjoy party’s which are not too professional and “cold” I like to party too which can get hard if i have to play 3 gigs in a row but the most fun is still to produce in the studio..i have the most satisfying moments when i finished a new track which i´m happy with.

7. Now, we’ve had an interview with your good buddies Saint Pauli, any collaboration ideas between you guys?
Actually i will move in their old studio now and hope we´ll get the chance to collaborate soon…it´s about time!

8. There are lots of kids out there who look up to you for inspiration and are big fans, any words for them because you know their reading!..
Don´t believe the hype and try to find your own style!

Come back to Australia! We love You!
i love you too and will try to come once a year from now!

Thats right! Fukkk Offf can show some of his loving side to his Australian Fans and here is some love from us!

Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me – Original Mix

Captain Funk (Fukkk Offf Remix) – Stereofunk

Everybody Got Young (Fukkk Offf Remix) – Popular Damage

Brains…Off (Fukkk Offf Remix) – Dirty Disco Youth

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