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The Toxic Avenger! – DC Exclusive!

This will most likely be the first of many posts that we will be getting some sneak peaks! This week! The Toxic Avengers New EP!!!! Epically good! With all the remixes! We thought that it might be best to have a chat with the man as well and find out his point of views on illegal downloading and a few other matters of the musical universe. Its pretty exciting so i’ll just let you go and enjoy the read and audible pleasure!

1. You’ve recently just left Australia, how was your tour?

Not saying that because you are Australian, but, amazing as usual !

2. The introduction of blogs, beatport, itunes, and all of the above in the digital music industry, it has caused a massive problem with illegal downloads, do you have an idea to fix the industry, or at least cut the downloads down?

If i had the idea, i think i’d be rich now! But honestly, i’m not against download. not even illegal download. When i want to support an artist, i’m buying the LP, but, when i want to hear the new madonna, for exemple, before eventually buying it … i’m downloading it !

3. Speaking of the download problem, it shows when we spoke to Steve Aoki who told us even though he’s been in the industry for over 10 years with Dim Mak, he still isn’t living pretty. Do you feel soon labels will get start getting tight and charging more for EP’s and Albums, or what do you feel will happen?

I think they’ll find a way to make money on some other things … the music industry won’t die, don’t worry !

4. Heading away from the downloads now, Whats next on the Production Cards for yourself?

i’ve just released a new EP, with a featuring of a french MC called Orelsan, all in french .. My album will be out in few monthes, and a new EP is gonna be out soon i guess, with Vitalic as vocal guest … (!) My new music video is gonna be available as weel on the 1st of july.

5. When the Rolling Stones labeled you in “Artists to watch” at that point did you start to feel a bit humble? and when in your musical career did it finally hit you that you are loved by so many around the world?

i didn’t really realized that when it happened, how big it can be ..! And i’m trying to avoid those things, either good or bad articles, i dont want to be influenced on what’s next for me …

6. Now, the story behind your name doesn’t really show much imagination but your sounds are genius and I’ve heard you get your inspiration from the landscape, has their ever been a point where you’ve been stuck and what did you do to get out of it?

Of course i’ve been stuck multiple times .. i’m just letting time goes ..i’m not sitting in front of my instruments forcing the things if i’m not inspired …

7. Now lets get out of the serious questions, Every artist has a unforgettable funny moment whist on tour, tell us yours?

You know, when one of your booking agency book you on a place where they are not really use to this kind of music .. i remember this time i was playing with Yuksek on a Hard techno festival near Berlin .. Thousands of people before us, thirty when we played !

8. Finally, what are you top tips for the young producers and performers out there?

Doctor P. Doctor P. Doctor P.

Cheers mate, look forward to seeing you back in australia soon!

And something very special for you guys!!!! The Toxic Avenger New EP!! Sorry, you can’t download it cause you know our rules but atleast you can give your ears some pleasure as you listen to some very new tracks 🙂 Here we go!

N’IMPORTE COMMENT – ORIGINAL version by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT -BARLETTA remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – SAWGOOD remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – MAKE THE GIRL DANCE remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – LA CAUTION remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – HAEZER remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – CRUSZ remix by promo_toxicorelsan
N’IMPORTE COMMENT – PYJAMAN OCTET remix by promo_toxicorelsan


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