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Yolanda Be Cool – DC Exclusive Interview!

They have been around for a little while but only recently have the been smashed everyday on the radio, sent around Australia and the world and finally making some good bucks from a record! Yolanda Be Cool are not only two cool guys but a bit weird, in there own unique way… I think i’ll just shut up now and let you go on with reading our little email interview with Sylvester and Johnson from Yolanda Be Cool!

1. Congratulations on your recent success. Tell us a bit about yourselves and something a little weird!
Thank heaps, we are stoked. Umm well there are two of us: I?m Sylvester Martinez and my partner in dance is Johnson Peterson. Something A couple of times when we have shared hotel rooms I have caught Johnson looking at me funny when I have been getting changed. I have never said anything?.. but then I reluctantly used his toothbrush once.

2. You have had an explosion in artist support since We No Speak Americano, has it been overwhelming? and when you were smashing this up in the studio with DCUP did you ever think it would create a hit this big?
We hoped it would go down well in Aus but we didn?t expect it to be doing so well OS. We actually couldn?t believe it when we got sent a video of Round Table Knights dropping it in a club in Belgium with Mowgli and Solo dancing in the background loving it. We basically just wanted to make a fun party track haha

3. The track has sent you overseas, are you ever going to get sick of playing it?
Man there are so many DOPE remixes out there to choose from not to mention we LOVE the original track so I don?t think we will be getting sick of it anytime soon….having said that….hahahah

4. You recently smashed up Brisbane’s Nightclub The Monastery, How was the night?
MONO is awesome. The speakers and subs are so massive the whole place rattles after every drop. We love clubs were the dance floor is more crowded than the smoking section and the dance floor is always heaving at mono.

5. What are you going to bring the world next production wise?
We are putting the final touches on the new YBC EP. Sounding very us. Weird, techy, bouncy party – ish.. Also have a whole heap of remixes due to come out soon. We are pretty stoked with the remix we did for Camel soon to be released on Deadfish. Also working on the ?We No Speak? follow up with our man DCUP.. We are staying tight lipped on this one but can I say its sounding fu%king DOPE and we are getting excited!!!

6. Can we expect you to be smashing up the festivals this year and what would be your festival survival kit?
Totally… if you go to Splendour or some others which we can’t say yet haha make sure you come and say hi
Survival kit.. Wear gumboots if it looks like raining and if you?re walking in and see a dog don?t dump all your pingers at once. You could get sick. Try digging a whole and grab them on the way out get wasted at the afterparty instead.

7. Speaking of festivals and club nights, what is your funniest moment whilst on tour?
Holy shit. There are so many. Have you ever been to Ibiza? I once saw midget dressed up as school girl dancing on a podium looking at me in the eyes whilst pretending to masturbate and lick his lips and scratch his beard. I freaken flipped out and left to call my mum.

8. Advice for the local kids trying to break into the scene?
Work on your skills, Be original, Never give up, and be a good bloke to everyone!

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