Artist Interviews

Mustard Pimp – DC Exclusive Interview!

Mustard Pimp are a duo to watch! These guys have been creating some monster remixes and originals that have been destroying drug covered dance floors all over the world. The have a Monster schedule for 2010 as well as some massive productions on the way! So definitely keep an eye on these guys… or two!

1. Now, you might get sick of this but I’ll ask you about your name. It would have the be one of the most strange names I’ve heard besides the Beetroots. Were you sober when you were thinking of a name? how did you come up with it?
Even google translate doesn’t know how to translate Mustard Pimp,so us you know… we didn’t made any studies.
2. With your sound so full of bass and heavy for a club, do you feel that Dj sets are slowly turning into Rock gigs with the fist pumping, mosh pits and crowd surfing?
Yeah,depends of the crowd,some nights people can go crazy and some nights they are not,really depends of the night,the degree of alcoholism of the crowd and the event I guess.
3. We’ve had Steve Aoki insight on what makes a good club, What is your favorite club you’ve played in layout wise?
Wow, lot of clubs,our favourite stays the 4 Sans in Bordeaux in France,but we’ve played in some great clubs too,really hard to tell.When I think about I mostly remember the worst clubs than the good clubs now haha.
4. Lots of people attempt a good Dada Life remix from their free remix packs but you guys absolutely smashed it out of the park with your “lets get bleeped tonight” remix, What’s next on your recharge cards?
For the moment we stop the remixes,we just started to work on the album,so we focus on it the most we can,but we still have some remixes to be released this summer,there’s one of Fischerspooner, Gtronic, Eagles Of Death Metal, Designer Drugs etc..

5. Collaborations are always something to be excited about, are you guys hitting up the studio with anyone soon, or is the anyone that you would love to jump in the studio with?
For the album we have a lot of collabs,very big collabs,but can’t tell for the moment!

6. Now lets have a bit of fun with this now.. Every touring artists has a funny moment on tour, care to share?
Lot of funny memories,lot of them forgot due to alcochol unfontunately,but since you are from Brisbane I remember were surrounded by girls before my set,and after tmy set they were all gone,next time i’ll play cooler…

7. If your house was burning down, what would you be grabbing first?
My autograph of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

8. When you guys are on the decks, does one get always seem to get a bit sillier than the other, have a bit to much to drink?
haha nah,we share some time to spin,when one is spinning,the other one is drinking and refilling the drink of the other etc,but yeah most of the time we finish the set drunk and play some gabber to leave the stage.
9. When is your next tour down under and will you be smashing up Brisbane?
Probably end of the year,we’re managing to find a spot in our schedule to come back in Australia,but should be easily makable before 2011.
10. Finally, advice for all the drug/alcohol addicted teens who press themselves up against the dj booth every weekend?
Take more drugs you sunday junkies.

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