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Tommy Trash! – DC Exclusive Interview!

Tommy smashed onto the scene just over 3 years ago, with over 40 originals and remixes which have topped charts all over the world. He is an ideal idol for all the bedroom bangers wanting to be the next world wide musician. His secret?, “Grow your hair long, don’t shave for weeks and drink a bottle of vodka every day! Just Kidding!”… Read about his surreal journey below and experience the trash!

1. Cheers for taking the time to have a chat with us. You are a prime example of a local hero becoming a known worldwide DJ/Producer with aria topping singles and remixes and smashing compilations, How hard has the journey been and how did it all begin?

So far it’s all been pretty surreal… one day it was like i was going to clubs as a clubber, seeing djs like felix da housecat and thinking, man, that’s what i wanna do! then the next thing i know, i quit my classical music degree, grab a synth and computer and start making music, but from there it actually took a while before i really got my shit together and got signed and luckily for me and my style of music, that was the Minsitry/Hussle label.

2. You have your own unique sound which every producer strives to find, is there ever a Tommy Trash album on the cards?

haha! it’s always been on the cards… but the problem is, it keeps changing sound so quickly.. so at this stage, i think singles are the way to go for me.. i think there’s nothing worse than hearing an album from a great dance artist that sounds dated before it even is released!!!

3. You’ve become a name we see a lot on the back of MOS & ONELOVE comp cd’s, has that sky rocketed your popularity even further? Can you also explain your key features you look for when your making one of your mix cd’s?

The exposure i’ve received from working with brands has definitely given me a great platform to build from! MOS giving me mix comps to work on from pretty much the beginning gave me the initial opportunity to tour oz.  making these CDs is always a balance between what you want to put on and what the label wants you to put on. usually tho the most important thing for me is that the songs are not so badly out of key! also, depending on the style of the tunes, i try and make the CD flow as much as possible – although sometimes the odd drop mix is unavoidable! one thing is for sure, there’s lots and lots of editing to fit that many tracks into one CD – thank god for ableton i say!

4. You’ve smashed together a cheeky little track with Tom Piper (The Bum Song), What was your inspiration behind that?

lmao. cheeky is def the word! ummmm… inspiration…. well… as you may or may not know, i did a couple of songs with tom piper a few years ago… one of which was called “fuck to the bass.” we thought the time had come to do another fun song…. so tom came over and we went through some of my sketches on my computer and this was the topic that most appealed to Piper! so we went for it and 4 hours later, the bum was born.

5. Whats next on the production cards for you?

Some really exiting collabs are yet to be released… a couple with Angger Dimas, one with John Dahlback, one with Moguai. more solo stuff… a follow with Carl Kennedy for our tune “blackwater” on Subliminal… remixes… maybe a follow up to the bum song.. we’ll just need to decide on which body part to talk about next!

6. We always look forward to seeing you in Brisbane, when is your next visit?

I’ll be hitting the Tenerife Novanation Festival on July 3rd… then back again later in the month for the MOS sessions tour at the Met!

7. Anyone who you think we should be looking out for in 2010? besides yourself ofcourse 🙂

I think angger dimas is going to blow up in a really big way this year. like HUGE.  there’s another sydney guy called Dave Winnel who i think could also do big things in the tech stuff… check him out! someone who has big profile that is going to get bigger is Bass Kleph – really think he’s going to take the tech scene by storm in the next 12 months.

8. Funny moments on tour, every performer has one, Like to share?

Playing football with a kettle in the greenroom of a gig with stafford brothers… i’m not sure what the kettle did to deserve such a beating.. but it copped it anyways.. needless to say, the club owner wasn’t impressed with us.

9. Advice to the bedroom bangers who look up to you and what to be the next Tommy Trash?

Grow your hair long, don’t shave for weeks and drink a bottle of vodka every day! but seriously.. just spend as much time as you can listening to music, analysiing it, reading about production techniques then spending the time in the studio… there’s no substitute for hard work!
Speaker Freaker (Tommy Trash Remix) – Stafford Brothers feat. Seany B
I Go Crazy (Tommy Trash Remix) – Chili Hifly Feat Jonas
Jump Around (Tommy Trash Remix) – Micky Slim Vs House of Pain

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