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Calvertron! DC Exclusive Interview!

Calvertron, its a name that has been around for over 10 years. The sound, Hypnotizing. Calvertron has been a giant influence on many young producers and Dj’s who look up to him as an idol because of his always adapting sound, flexibility and production skill. We had to get to know the man better and introduce him to the people of Brisbane and the world. He’s been up to a lot lately including Twocker, so read on and experience Calvertron!

1. You are very well known for your never ending discography but you are one half of the duo “Twocker”, Tell me how you started Twocker and whats the goal for both of you as a duo?

Me and Will hooked up after I sent him a track over Myspace a few years ago. We’ve not worked together in the studio much for a while, we did a remix for Champion Records (UK) recently though that will be released in September, the track is by ‘Party Dark’ who’s previous single ‘Is That You’ got to number 1 on MTV.

2. You have been producing for 10+ years now. When you first got into making records, did you ever think you would be traveling around the world setting dance floors on fire?

I dreamed about it and hoped that one day I could make it happen, persistence paid off. When I started out initially (back in the day) you really had to invest a lot of capital into getting all the equipment to set up a studio, you needed a sampler, synthesizers, a Mixing desk, outboard effects units, compressors etc etc. Computers and software were nowhere near as advanced as they are today, now all you need is a copy of Fruity Loops and a sample cd and your away!

3. Now as i said, you’ve been in the groove for a long time now, have you ever had any set backs, any moments that made you think of a different path? And everyone sometimes runs out of Inspirations, or motivation, what has kept you going for such a long time?

Making a living from something artistic like music has many troughs & peaks, you have to be very resilient and willing to adapt with the times as Music/fashion and scenes evolve & mutate. I’ve never considered doing anything else and consider myself very privileged to have travelled to so many wonderful places and met so many amazing people (I picked up a wife up on my travels). When inspiration runs out I go and play golf and wait for it to return!

4. Everyone has a good story and im sure you have one, you’ve played countless sets.. Whats one of the funniest things you’ve seen or experienced whilst on the decks?

As far as things I’ve seen from behind the decks, Mr Bailey and I were touring Australia a while back, we had a set in Toowoomba in some swanky little nightclub. We got behind the decks and the promoter told us to look up at the ceiling, there was a glass floor above us so I spent most of the set looking up girls skirts (it seems not everyone wears underwear in Toowoomba). I’m sure my wife will be pleased to hear about this! (shhhh)

5. You have a big fan base down under, When are you going to bring your bass bumping sets to Australia?

There is talk of a Calvertron tour in January, spread the word!

6. You have some impressive productions skills that just seem to be getting bigger and better!, Unless its too much of a secret, what steps do you take when your making a track?

Always gotta start off with a big juicy kick drum though, that’s the rulez 🙂

7. Over the years you must have seen artists come and go, who do you think we should be on the look out for in the years to come?

I’ll just list some people I dig at the minute as I have no idea who will be about in years to come (the crystal ball’s on the blink), here we go –

L-vis 1990, Beataucue, French Fries, Dan Aux, Black Noise, Hostage, Afrojack…

8. What tips do you give for all the aspiring Dj’s and Producers who haven’t yet broken into the scene?

If your hearts in it and your determined enough you won’t need my advice 😉

Is that you (Calvertron Remix) – Party Dark

Wickedest Sound (Calvertron Remix) – Dale Castell

Doggy Mash – Calvertron

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