Sharam Jey “In My Blood” CD Giveaway!

Thanks to the guys at ONELOVE! We are giving away Sharam Jey’s New Album! For 5 lucky people they will get to experience this amazing album! With a very different sound making them quite unique. Some very dirty sounds, but keeping a very groovy melodic feel. Its abit hard to describe the sound but check out the clips down the bottom and judge for yourself!  The lyrics keep your very interested through the entire album and the dirty Synths and Basslines keep all the bass lovers very happy. Overall we rate the album 4.5/5 and you have to enter to give yourself the chance of winning this fantastic album!

Here are the easy details to enter!

1. Become our friend on Facebook here > Boom!

2. Tag yourself in our Sharam Jey Cd Giveaway Album, the pics look like this..

3. Wait till June 7 to see if you are a lucky winner! Winners will be notified via Facebook!

Here is a little taste of Sharam Jey!

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