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Beesmunt!- DC Exclusive Interview!

Beesmunt are fairly unknown in Australia so we thought to introduce them to you! They have a unique sound, some cheeky attitude and some production skills that continue to grow year after year! There fan base has exploded in Europe their beginning in 2006 and haven’t looked like slowing down! Without further a due, i introduce to you BEESMUNT!

1. Welcome and thank you for Joining the Dirtie Clouds family! Now you guys have been smashing it up since 2006, now with several releases, a big fan base, has that time flown or has it been alot of slow hard work?

The time has flown so fast, that we have the feeling it’s yesterday we bought our first vinyl.

2. You both play a number of different genre’s whist on the decks, you must get some crazy requests, like to share and funny ones?

Haha nice question, the weirdest one is probably a song by a dutch folk-music artist on a electro fesitval he’s name is Andre hazes, may he rest in peace. check the man out on youtube, you will love it.

3. Pro’s and Con’s, What are the good and the bad about being a full time DJ’s/Producers?

Most of the time it’s lovely and relaxing, but it kinda does kill you’re daily routine. We’ve got the baddest hangovers and the weirdest wake up moments in the morning, we don’t really feel rested, like ever haha.

4. Tell us how the Beesmunt name came to be and how you two got together.

We know each other since we were little kids, like 5 years old or something. Back in the days we actually hated each other and ended up in schoolyard fights quite a lot. Then we met again around 2005/2006 and started hanging out. We were both really interested in music and Dj’ing and bought our first dj gear in 2006. We were always practicing our DJ-ing in David’s bedroom, but after a while his father got really sick of the noise and he kicked us out, we had to find something else. The only place that was left was my basement and we used that for a couple of months, when we had our first gig we had to come up with a name for the flyer and thought we would make the basement sound dutch so we changed it into Beesmunt.

5. Every touring Duo/artist has them, funny moments on tour, like to share one with us

We had a gig in Amsterdam, in a club we didn’t really knew. Went to the address with our whole party crew, and when we got there something just wasn’t right. The bouncers at the door were wearing Army suits, and all the people coming in were men,  dressed in not too much clothing with skates on and weird holes in their clothing at weird places. After some calling with our Manager ( it turned out the party we had to play at was on the other side of town and we were currently at a Gay fetish freakfest, that was not so cool.

6. Whats in the production cart for Beesmunt?

At first we are coming with a summer mixtape in 2 weeks, after that we are finishing our second EP!

7. You guys are playing all around Europe, gonna come down under?

We would love that for sure, we have heard big, wild and so many sick story’s about your country!

8. Tip for the Beginner DJ’s and Producers?

Always enjoy everything you do in music, don’t go ahead and rush into things everything will come if you just take the time and enjoy it.

Cheers, hope to see you guys soon.
Here are some tracks from the relatively unknown duo (in Australia) that i hope will give your audible pleasure. If you are getting disappointment that we don’t give out free tracks then go read another blog. We aren’t a blog that you can scab some free tracks from. Support your favorite artists and buy their EP! Anyways, here you are 🙂

Cashmehr – Beesmunt

Beretta – Beesmunt

Black – Beesmunt

Order – Beesmunt

Classique – Beesumnt

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