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The Aston Shuffle! DC Exclusive Interview!

The Aston Shuffle are pretty well known on this blog with a lot of the other artists we interview giving this duo a lot of respect and even the attention of Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak label. Bad enough to Aoki is that there already taken and have been smashing it up with releases like “I wanna see you” and the “Destroy” compilation cd. They have torn open the monastery with their recent “Destroy Tour” and we always look forward to having the boys back in our neighborhood. We all know the risk of Stranger Danger though, but read our interview with the duo and you’ll be jumping into their atleast knowing about them and what they would save if their house burnt down!. Enjoy!

1. Now we don’t want to be to boring so lets have abit of fun.. We shall start off with an obvious question, how did you guys get together and start making musical love?

The Aston Shuffle has been a full time thing for about 3 years or so, we never really intended on making a career out of it, but i guess we were in the right place at the right time and have never looked back since.. Before T.A.S came along we had a go at running a digital label (under the Aston Shuffle name funnily enough) and also doing productions under different aliases, we have always been doing music in some way or another but nothing to the extent of what we are doing now!!

2. Funny Moments whilst on tour, Every artist has one.. Care to share?

Mikah: We were playing in Newcastle one night and on this particular night we had a lot of peeps going crazy down the front the whole entire time we were djing and right at the end of the set thjey asked us to sign their shirts and posters which is always quite flattering as you don’t really expect it being a bunch of dj’s.. But to my surprise this dude comes up to me telling me how much he loves our music and proceeded to pull out his Prosthetic eye and asked me to sign it, i didn’t want to disappoint him so i signed it for him and he put it back into his head...

Vance: Got quite drunk at a festival in Christchurch one year and may or may not have passed out back stage… when it was time to go, I was scooped up off the ground and whisked to our ride, but on the way we saw Courtney Taylor Taylor from the Dandy Warhols. We had seen him earlier in the day but got a little star struck, but I was mega drunk so I went straight up to him and asked for a photo. The photos are hilarious, in one of them Courtney is totally checking Mikah out.

3. “I Wanna See You” – Massive track, massive remixes. I love the Malente remix, what is it like having Malente remix your track, at any point do you start feeling special? And are there any artist you would really like to remix your originals?

We are so unbelievably stoked with the “I Wanna See You” package, the calibre of artists who remixed this record are first rate.. Malente is a great friend of ours, and this is the second time that we have remixed each others record so its always a pleasure to work with him.. We always work with our label to try and get the most appropriate artists to remix our track’s as it can really make or break a single, luckily enough we have been able to get some great artists who have made the entire package so much more special..

4. Working with the beetroots on Destroy, Don’t mean to pee in your pocket but liked your cd alot more. Tell me how you go about getting the tracks to smash together in your cd’s?

Hahahahahaha you’re too kind πŸ™‚ We have done a few mix compilations now so we definitely have an idea of how to go about it, obviously when putting the mix together our motto is to try to make the mix flow musically as much as possible and also keep it moving along so the listener is interested the whole time from start to finsh.. This is an art form in itself!!! The great thing about our Destroy mix is that we got to pick the entire track-listing so what you here on this CD is exactly what we like to play in a club… We are extremely proud of this mix, it features some old gems that we hold close to our hearts and some amazing new music from our producer friends and favourite record labels.

5. If your house was burning down and you only had time to grab one item what would it be?

Mikah : My wife & daughter, then once they are safe come back for my studio equipment.

Vance: My laptop for sure!!

6. Aston Shuffle Album?

You’ll be hearing a lot more on this front very very soon!!

7. I’ve been to a few sets where the artist/s has been to wasted to play. (won’t mention any names) Is that the positive about being a duo, is one of you the designated dj? Does one get more silly that the other?

I’d like to think that we are professional most of the time ( I do say this very loosely), we rarely ever rock up to a show wasted. but that said if the vibe is there and the crowd is having it, we tend to get a little loose while we play.. At the end of the day, people come out to have fun and get loose, so that’s what we try to do with an Aston Shuffle sets.. Its all about good times really!! But it’s not really the case that one of us is the DJ and the other is just window dressing, both of us come from a DJ background, and neither of us are that good looking πŸ˜‰

8. Duo’s in brisbane have been finding it tough getting sets, did you guys ever find it hard and is there any advice you give to the future duo’s of Australia?

The Dance/Club scene is a lot harder to break into now than a few years ago, when we started out it was all about going out to club nights, handing out mixtapes, meeting promoters & hanging out with other dj’s it was all about being scene and supporting peoples nights.. now It feels like things have changed a a lot since social networking sites like facebook, myspace & twitter have changed the game in terms of promoting parties and breaking into the scene as a Dj. If you are trying to get out there into the scene maybe just keep practicing your skills as much as possible, and you finally get a chance you really need to stand out from the crowd!!!

9. When you guys arn’t in the studio or out touring, what can we find you doing?

Mikah: Chilling out with my girls, training & watching footy (AFL)

Vance: Watching the Wire while my Lasagne is baking πŸ™‚

10. 5 top records? (sorry to make you narrow it down)

Top 5 we are loving at the moment:

1. Mr Blink – Gecko (Burns RMX)

2. Aston Shuffle -I Wanna See You (Harvard bass RMX)

3. Tim Healy & Pablo Decoder – Echoes In My Head (Etienne De Crecy RMX)

4. Together – hardcore Uproar (Grum RMX)

5. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love

11. Last one, what track manages to squeez itself into every set you play?

Who Made Who – Out The Door (Superdiscount RMX) – if there was ever a record that could be discribed as the Aston Shuffle sound, it would most probably be this one for sure!!!

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