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Markus Schulz Winter Sound System Interview!

1. First off, are you excited to come down under for the Winter Sound System Festival?

Markus: I certainly am – you get a fantastic vibe when playing in Australia, completely different to anywhere else in the world! Aside from that though it always appeals to me that I get to play all the major cities (or at least the great majority of them) in one big touching-all-bases trip… You really feel that you’ve played to as many fans as possible and that is very satisfying. Also, typically speaking, they are really well organized too, which is a considerable benefit!

2. I understand that you have a new album coming out very soon, Will this be different from your previous ones? or Classic Markus Schulz?

Markus: You know what I think I had my really big departure year last year with ‘Thoughts Become Things’ – my Dakota album. In terms of ‘Do You Dream’ I’d say that it was closer to “classic Markus Schulz’ than “different”. Having said that though the album is pretty wide-screen… You’ve got some breaks on there, some more chilled tracks and progressive numbers – a real range in terms of the vocalists too. There are naturally some real big-room moments, but overall I think it’s a good spread.

3. What can we expect for your sets? Any suprises?

Markus: Always surprises! Well the big ones will be the unveiling of many of the album tracks and bringing them to the dancefloor for the first time, I guess. You always have to be a bit careful (especially these days) with introducing music from albums out into the open too early. With this one there’s only about 30% that will have been heard anywhere pre-release. So finally having the safety off and the freedom to play what I like from the album will be amazing!

4. What tips do you give to the young guys and gals trying to get their name out there?

Markus: In terms of production, well any time I pick up issues of Computer Music and Music Tech I find there is always something I can learn there. But the best advice I could give would be to spend time getting into your gear and really learn it. I find some of the best stuff spending the extra time going through the plug-ins and presets of my own gear. Also, find your groove and stick to it. So many producers and DJs try to be all things to all people and it just can’t happen. You can’t possibly have a true representation of yourself if you are trying to please everyone. It just isn’t possible. Find the genre of music that really moves and inspires you and stick to your guns on it!

5. What would have to be your funniest moment on tour? That your allowed to share with us anyways haha

Markus: Well this one is pretty well known by now and for me its kind of more scary than funny but…I have a terrible fear of heights and always worry about the height of the stage at the summer festivals. It made last year’s GodsKitchen Boom Box tour (where the DJ booth is suspended riiiight up there!) quite an experience.

6. Message to your fans in Australia?

Markus: Guys, I can hardly wait! See you real soon!

See Markus @ Winter Sound System on June 13 at Doomben. Check the Blog for details to win a double pass to the festival! Hope you enjoyed the read! Here a tune or two.
Markus Shulz @ Nikki Beach Miami (WMC) – 24.03.2010 by djmixes

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