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Les Petits Pilous! – Dirtie Clouds Exclusive!

There name Doesn’t really exist in any language, they have been smashing up the world with their unique sound and have turned Australia upside down twice now and they will be back! The Duo who signed with BNR have never looked back and have been destroying dancefloors in Europe over the Summer period. They have a few new tracks out and plenty still to come. With their produtions getting praise by the greats they quote they are still learning. These guys have the potential to be around for a very long time to come. Sit! Read! Enjoy!

1. Tell me how Les Petits Pilous came to be and what does your name translate into in english?

The name came a bit randomly and because it sounds french and at that time everybody had english sounding names (even french artists). You can’t really translate it in english as it means nothing in french… It’s just “the small” and pilous don’t exist in french

2. How was the feeling of getting signed by such a massive label as Boys Noize Records.

At that time BNR wasn’t big as now, we were happy to sign and we really liked the spirit of BNR when we talked with Alex, we were the 13th release and only Boys Noize & Housemeister were releasing on it as regulars at that moment, in the end it turned out to be a great opportunity for us .

3. “Wake Up” is one of your bigger tracks and definately one we don’t hear enough in Austraia, what was your inspiration on that track and that film clip is crazy, Did you guys contribute to that creativity?

For the video we allways let the thing happen, we never asked somebody to make a video, it was proposed by the team and they allready had their ideas. So we let them do their thing and that became a crazy cool video, we really like it, thanks again to Saturday Fight Never and Borntofilm for this work !

4. You’ve just released a new EP Bielle and now your doing shows around Eurpoe, is there a full length album on the cards in the future?

We are working on it, as well as our live for this summer festivals, we can’t say anything about when it will be ready because we will release it only when we will feel it is really finished, but we will try to make it happen as soon as possible

5. Duo’s in Australia especially brisbane find it hard to get sets, did you guys find it harder to start dj’ing, tell me how you got your first set?

Our first set was with D.I.M. in Paris in april 2007, we got it because we just signed on BNR and the ep was just out, it was a great first night, Jean Pat sang and I played keyboard, we never did it again after 😉

6. Final Question, Les Petits Pilous have great production skills to make absolute club bangers! Any tips for the kids out there learning to produce and when are coming back down to Australia?

Thanks ! We learned really by trying things, we can’t say we followed the rules cause we didn’t had any production background, but now we are more working on our mixing and get to learn things everyday by talking to other producers on gigs.

For the ones who want to begin we can just say that if you make a sound you like then it’s a good start, and then just try unusual things.

We don’t know yet when we will come back but hope soon cause we really liked the 2 previous tours, big up to Diego, Nick and TK of Trashbags

Thanks for the interview

Here are some tunes, welcome to the art of Les Petits Pilous!
Les petits pilous – Goog (Original Mix) by Franz Van De Maes

Les-Petits-Pilous-Russian-Forest-(Original-Mix) by Techno/Techno/Techno

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