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Stereoheroes! – DC Exclusive Interview!

Stereoheroes. One fucking crazy duo smashing it up in Europe and ready to smash the doors down of every club around the world! There remixes have been heard icelands volcano to the pointless state of Tasmania. Their Originals have even made more of an impact all funnily enough named after Marvel Characters. They have fun, and rub it off onto everyone in the crowd. Sit back, have a coffee and let me introduce to you the amazing Stereoheroes!!

DC: For the people who haven’t been to your official site ( tell me about the animals and how you relate it to your music?

SH: We don’t really relate it. We just think animals are funny and cools. You probably know what we mean !

DC: You guys travel all over the world and are pretty busy until June, Are you looking forward to coming back down under in May?

SH: OUH YEAH. You can’t imagine how much. Australia is still the best country for party in our hearts !!

DC: Now as your pretty busy doing shows and traveling how do you go about making fresh tunes and remixes whilst on the go?

SH: It’s pretty hard. We don’t produce while we are touring .. so we have to wait to come back home each time. But hopefully weekdays are made for production.

DC: Your first track was a big hit with the blogs and it sky rocketed your popularity, what is your advice for the kids out there trying to break into the scene and getting there tunes posted?

SH: Make a good tune. That’s what it’s all about… Blogers listen the tracks, if they like it they will post it.

DC: You guys met in 2004 but really didn’t start getting out and about till 2008, since then you’ve done more than 20 originals and tones of remixes, is it easy for you to keep up the consistency or does it just come natural in the studio?

SH: Well we don’t think about it. Just sit down in the studio, and start produce or remix … Then we see what comes out. We try to renew our style really often. Actually it depends on our morning mood, sometimes it’s a violent dirty mood, sometimes a hip hop vocal mood.

DC: Mentioning before that you’ve had more than 20 Originals, any plans for a album?

SH: If any label trust us on doing it, yes.

DC: Every artists has their own gimmick, beetroots have their masks, deadmau5 has his head… You guys titled all your original work after marvel comics, are you guys big comic readers and does it ever influence your music?

SH: we are not. We read some but are more European comic fans, you know like Tintin or Asterix.

DC: Stereo heroes has shared the stage with some of the biggest names right now including Deadmau5, Aston Shuffle, Felix Cartel, Mr Oizo and heaps heaps more. Is there anyone you still really want to support of share the stage with?

SH: Yeah ! Would love to play with guys like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills etc … even if we know it’s not the same music. It’s the guys who influenced us at the very beginning.

DC: For all the guys and girls learning to produce/dj or are trying to break into the big time, what advice do you give to them?

SH: Find your own style. Don’t try to imitate. It may work !

StereoHeroes Mixtapes by stereoheroes

StereoHeroes Remixes by stereoheroes

StereoHeroes Original productions by stereoheroes

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