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Mashed Paper Klub! – Dirtie Clouds Exclusive Interview!

These Belgian kids have been cooking up a storm over Europe! Their sound, almost like a rock concert is explosive to the ears and sends the packed crowd crazy! If this is the first time you have heard of the duo then strap yourself in for a real head banger. We got to ask the guys a few questions and learn more about the magic of Mashed Paper Klub!
1. I guarantee that there will not be another Mashed Paper Klub or anyone with a similar name, how did you come up with it?
MPK: Well there are two stories about mashed paper klub’s name. The one we made up to explain our name : our music is everything but linear and it looks like paper mashed, pieces comes from everywhere so is our music, we don’t like to be put in a particular style, we play, do thing we like and it goes from disco to hipop to drum’n’bass to electronic to minima to … So mashed paper klub is a patchwork of music, I guess. Then there is the real story, we do everything with passion, dimitri called me and say I’ve seen in a book: mashed paper, I said Klub, that is it.

2. Tell me about the Fight Klub nights?
MPK: FIGHT KLUB :). There is a lot to say about it. To be brief, we started it because we couldn’t stand belgian scene anymore: either because they don’t bring our artist (and again it goes from noisia to late of the pier to maxime dangles to hadouken to big dope p to uffie to I am un chien to Rustie to …), or because I didn’t liked the spirit : I hate people pretending they are vip’s, etc… . Now FIGHT KLUB is getting big, it’s cool but I won’t run it for long, it was just a way to meet interesting artists, people and to make things move, we are not willing to do that for ever.

3. You have a super unique sound that i personally love.. What was your inspiration and what direction do you want it to head in the future?
MPK: I don’t know. The unique thing about mashed paper klub, I think, is that we like everything that is artistically interesting and that we use it in our music. Some says we look alike belgian 90’s scene, which is possible but I don’t know much about it. But on the actual scene, I really like noisia (+ hadouken + foreign beggars) + sub focus + t99 + aeroplane (belgian yeahhhhhh).
For the future, Dimitri and I (Maxime) have no intention other than working by passion, could be music for ever or something else. Of course we plan to end at coachella, to build a warp rec alike label, to produce artists we love, … We working on it and it will happen ;).

4. Talking about your sound, whats next one the production cards for you guys?, we want more!
MPK: I don t understand the question but if you are asking on what song we are working, actually we are working on three vinyl release: mashed paper klub (3 tracks + 2 remixes (SPA and Wazabi), and two band we produce: Yama Dirty Crew and Wazabi. Our ep is in the studio right now, release plan in a month or so.

5. You guys have some of the hardest sets in the business, any chance your going to bring that to Australia?
MPK: It ll happen, dunno when, but you can already working out and get ready for it.

6. When your doing your sets, which of your remixes or original tracks get the crowd really acting crazy?

7. You’ve had a hell of a run so far, whats next for Mashed Paper Klub in 2010?
MPK: Lots of cool gigs, meeting interesting people and another release soon.

8. Final one, For all the young DJ’s and up and coming producers whats some tips you recommend?
MPK: BE DIFFERENT, quit playing top dance hit music and producing song alike producer you like. There is no point to look alike someone :). Get ready to work hard
Well you can’t really take our word for it. Their sound has to be heard to be believed, so here you go!

The Sterehoes – Juliette n’est pas morte (Mashed Paper Klub remix) by maximecarpentier

Mashed Paper Klub @ Dour 2009 by maximecarpentier

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