So You Think You Can Mix?

Im launching a new mix comp here on Dirtie Clouds and i want all you aspiring dj’s and producers to get in and have a go! Im looking for 5 winning mixes to be featured on Dirtie Clouds Soundcloud, Here on the blog and on our Facebook! Ok, Here are the rules!

  1. Mix must not be longer than 70 minutes but there is no minimum.
  2. You can Upload your mix to Soundcloud with the title “So You Think You Can Mix!” and put http://www.dirtieclouds.wordpress.com in the description!
  3. You must Subscribe to this blog to submit your entry as the winners will be sent directly via email!
  4. To Sumbit your entry to the DirtieClouds Soundcloud (Click Here) (Either send through Dropbox or Message with a link) ENTRIES CLOSE 31ST MARCH! 11:59PM EST.
  5. Oh i forgot, Mixes can be any genre but please make them exciting.

Let the Mixing Begin!

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