A Love for Dubstep!


You either love it or you hate it! Speaking of which, This man Loves it hence his name “Lovestep”. There is actually more behind the name than that. For example Lovestep has been influenced for many of his tracks from love. It is a great influencial tool in the music Industry. You listen to the radio and every second song is about heartbreak or cupid stricking again. AAAGGGHHH Kelly Clarkson! Sometimes its painfull to listen to but you have to admit you can relate to most of them. Unless there written by some studip raper who found his love in a jail cell. Anyways to get this post going and to give you what you really came here for, some new sounds! Here is Lovesteps new 30 Minute mix “Problens Caused By Love.”  With a quite a relaxing start (for dubstep) to utter chaos towards the end this should please all Dubstep fans!

Problems Caused By Love Mix - Lovestep

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